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  • June 1, 2021, 1:46 a.m.
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  1. When you write out “N.Y.U.” without punctuation or capitalization, it looks like an anime-fetish sound-word-thing. “nyu nyu”. Just realized that today. Seemed worth sharing.

  2. In some ways, it’s like the brain is an oyster, you’re just looking for little pieces of irritating grit to stick in there, hoping for a phlegmatic reaction to the friction so you can generate a pearl. That’s why I shove all this weird garbage into my mind, the hope for pearls.

  3. A show about a former scientist-turned-detective who solves crimes via the analysis of the hardness of materials called “The Rockwell Files”.

  4. One thing that’s fun is saying “Sex Pistols” in the same cadence as “Hot Pockets”. “Seeeeeeeeeeeex Pis-tols.” They were both pre-fab by cynical businessmen looking to sell product, after all.

  5. A Beatles parody about an American otaku called “Eight Days A Weeb”.

  6. The realization Los Angeles is, in Dungeons and Dragons terms, the Feywild. A place of great beauties & devastating terrors, creatures of grand whimsy & monsters of bottomless destructive hedonism. A place where searchers end up and those who leave are left forever marked by it.


  8. Dude in a truck billboarded for a collision center, pulling a right turn while on the phone and I think to myself, there’s a man making his own business.

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