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  • May 29, 2021, 2:44 p.m.
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  1. . The real question for my generation, of course, is “Who was your ship on Nickelodeon’s Out of Control?” Mine, of course, was Davequickly as Diz was to be mine, goddamn it.

  2. A compressed misunderstood version of JERRY MAGUIRE where the catchphrases are “You Had Meat, Hello” and “Show Methe Money”. I’m pretty sure there are cannibals and/or an enterprising caveman named Methe involved.

  3. A 24-7 gas station is literally your earliest convenience.

  4. The song “Beverly Hills” song is so hilariously disingenuous. A millionaire pop-rock star, son of a jazz drummer, Harvard graduate, singing about how he’ll never fit in with the rich people. Is that the joke? Am I missing some meta level?

  5. Am I the only one who head-canoned the Rachel Summers Phoenix as secretly being Wolverine’s kid biologically? Am I just a sentimental guy?

  6. The oldest Al Lewis got and the cheaper his “Grandpa Munster” make-up applications became, the less he looked like a Universal Monsters vampire and the more he looked like a silent-film Nosferatu. The world is funny like that.

  7. Phrases that work equally well talking about horse racing and the Castlevania video game series: “The Belmont Stakes”.

  8. Fixing tennis matches for the mob is a real racket.

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