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  • May 29, 2021, 8:46 a.m.
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Would you go to church if it were a requirement of your job?
Or your pension?
Or your parents allowance?

Sunday and I’m not going to church. No it’s not!!!!! It’s only Saturday.
I haven’t gone to church regularly in 50 years.
I don’t plan to start.

But I wonder at reasons
Reasons to do it
Reasons not to.

Is there a God who desires anything from us?
If so, what?
If so, how do we know?

We need to care for our fellow man
And of course we don’t

Would God and church make us better?
Has it in the past?
Are we being punished?

In the future?
Time and tide wait for no man.

Last updated May 29, 2021

Serin May 29, 2021

I go to church with far less reason than job or allowance.

We stopped going to church as soon as we saw the virus show up locally, so it's been over a year, and I don't know that I miss it. But I do know that my mother does, so I'm assuming they'll go back when the all clear sounds, and I will go with them.

Purple Dawn May 29, 2021 (edited May 29, 2021)


I'd go to church regularly if it was my job and I was the preacher. I sure wouldn't go if I was told to for another job.
On the other hand I do like church sometimes. Not all the time, it depends on the sermon and who is giving it. I hate when they preach of doom and gloom.
I do like visiting and chatting with friends and relatives that go.
Why does it have to start so early? Sometimes the services are so long.
I like the music. Especially the old time hymns.
Yes, I think there is a God and that he expects some thing for us, but he's there even when we aren't doing those things.
Oh I forgot to mention, I go on Saturdays when I do go :)

Jinn May 29, 2021

I have not gone to church regularly since I was in highschool . I really do not believe in organized religion. As soon as they start asking for money my enthusiasm dies and it’s always about the money. Especially in the Catholic Church and it’s been that way for centuries. The institution depends on it :-(
We do need to care for our fellow man and animals. If we all did a little; it would add up to a lot. However we get preoccupied just trying to live our own lives and most people do not go out of the lines enough to even see that there are things they can do. I spent thirty years serving others far beyond what I got paid for and it felt good to help . I don’t see many churches doing much in that regard. They act like they do but nothing much materializes out of it. It makes me laugh when they sponsor mission trips to build houses or give medical care in other countries but they will not help poor people in their own cities . 🤦‍♀️ Look at the Megachurches where the leaders live in opulent mansions , drive Ferraris and own jets . It’s all about the money and not about helping others. It’s not about God .

NorthernSeeker May 30, 2021

When I taught at the Catholic School for two years I attended a few services that took place during the school day. I listened respectfully when I was there. I was not urged to study, take catechism, convert, or anything like that. In later years I voluntarily attended funerals of people I worked with and once as a teacher I went to the funeral of a brother of one of the students I taught.

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