The Magic Show Begins / Pray to your vaccine gods and Science be praised in Poetry

  • May 29, 2021, 1:42 p.m.
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The Magic Show Begins [Video]

The heavens
Have brought us to
This fate
The never-ending hate
A collision will collapse
The old system
The ones holding onto the past
Marching to the deception
Erasing history before your eyes
Because they have hypnotized your mind

Rumors circulate
With the wind
Following a path
With no detours
Coming to a dead end
The past circumvents
The future
No one understands
I am
What I am

I’ve come a long way
Since my days of infernal hate
Vengeance is no longer
Inside my frame of mind
Freedom and peace
Are the two highest values
Of my beliefs

I know I can’t look behind
Inside the past
So, I’ll let my memories
Fade fast
I’m too blind
To see ahead to the future
When the sun glows
Inside my diamond eyes
I’ll take life
A day at a time
Weighing the options that are mine

I’m just a story
On a piece of paper
Filled with words
That provoke
Thoughts and ideas
As I mesh words together
To give my poetry nature
I lose myself
In the four versions
That will one day
Become One
And I won’t let you
Bring me down, any more
I’m forever
In this flesh
Let the magic show
Begin the test

I find it very interesting that most people did not like big pharma a few years ago. Today, people fear for their life too much that they have become easy to manipulate, especially when other voices are prevented from being heard.

Don’t worry
Please, have no fears

Your new savior, Science, is here!

Pray the vaccine gods
And Science will deliver you life

Vaccines are unsafe, and the people who are organizing the implementation of the vaccine experiment cannot be trusted. You can make your own choice, though. As for me, I will take the vaccine. Science is not my religion. The Science they are forcing upon you is not the right path.

But go ahead and tattoo your vaccine on your skin and sign a song about getting it. Worship your gods cause those gods do not win in the end.

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