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  • May 22, 2021, 10:03 p.m.
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  1. It must be difficult being an archeologist searching for an extant piece of Jesus Christ’s carpentry. The jokes about “getting a stool sample” must be endless.

  2. Nonsense is an effective weapon against nonsense but problem is, it’s easy & easier the more you use it, until you mistake it for your only tool & become what you fought. To not become the abyss takes self-awareness & self-control, the two most difficult talents to acquire.

  3. As burlesque claimed “Big Tasty” I think my hip hop name is “Bizness Caj”.

  4. I’ve been thinking a lot about greatest hits albums, which bands actually have most of their best songs as their best known as well, which bands at least SEEM like that’d be the case. The Doors and R.E.M. seem like that’d be the case.

  5. Why was there an autographed copy of El Oso in the Rome Salvo? Why are we on this earth at all? Why do the cafes of Utica close by 4? I have no answers, I just try to note the interesting things as I go, like every other person, I’m just passing through for a little while.

  6. …a 1:1 Fleetwood Mac on vinyl to dream catcher ratio? That’s a solid ratio. That’s the power ratio.

  7. Basically, I had a 6 in Wisdom at character creation. Basically, I spent my variant human feat and 4th level ASI just to get up to bare competence in Wisdom. I’m only mostly there even now. I always try to remind myself of this, in silly metaphor.


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