47 lb down from WLS on 12/21- 68 lbs down from HW in Weight Loss Surgery

  • May 19, 2021, 8:38 a.m.
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295 HW 274 SW 227 CW 180

Well I skootched down a bit. Maybe the magic trick is to complain in here cause it seems like when I do that my body drops soon after lol.

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary but me and my husband work opposite schedules so we’ll see each other this weekend.

While I bought him beard care stuff as a present he bought me a giant ass cookie.

He will never ever ever ever ever ever stop using food as gifts.

It’s just hard wired in his brain the same way everyone gives chocolates for v day. He just can’t not do it.

It was a big ass reeses peanut butter cookie and I did have a bite cause I could smell it through the package but I didn’t eat the whole thing - I allowed myself a taste and stopped. But I was also hella tired last night. Maybe if I had found it this morning I woulda eaten the whole thing.

When I left for work this morning he had a bag of tostitos scoops and a big container of dip. he’s not counting any calories, just eating whatever. He’s still losing weight and he’s happy about it but I guess I’m jealous of how carefree he seems to be.

Meanwhile I’m trying to get in water like an elephant and worrying about how many ounces of cookie I ate.

I’m just always gonna be obsessive about this I guess until I get to a goal I can maintain.

I was thinking 175 is a good point for me to be comfortable at - it’s a long ways away from 200 but really maybe only 25lbs over what a BMI chart says I should be for my height.

I’ve never been super skinny so I can’t imagine being even 150 lbs. I was prob in 5th grade at that weight or something. I’ve never been normal weight for my height (5‘4”)

In other news, my bras are terrible. I lost like 10 inches off my bust and while I have a large array of sizes of bras, like I have clothes, I’m finding that nothing is really fitting right and either the straps hurt of the band is rising…

I dread doing a huge clothes spree but I def need more brans and they’re so damn expensive and I may have to go INTO a store and try some on but I don’t think dressing rooms are open yet. So I’m gonna have to ship and return a bunch of things, which I dread.

I will measure myself but I feel like maybe I don’t measure right and it’d be safer to try them on.

ninakir88 May 19, 2021


KPink May 25, 2021

aww happy anniversary!

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