Baby fever? in Life Lessons

  • May 12, 2021, 2:46 p.m.
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Me and my husband have been married less than a year, we are both young, I’m 22 he’s 21 and are both on the same page about waiting a while before having kids!
We want to do lots of traveling and learn each other before kids enter the picture.
Our best friends have a baby almost a year old and we both think he is the cutest thing ever and love being around him! My cousin recently had a new baby & one of my high school friends just had a baby.
I’m pretty terrified of having a kid, but we recently had sort of a pregnancy scare, and when the test was negative it was a sigh of relief followed by some sadness… I guess all the “maybe” or “what if” thoughts got to me and I got a teensy excited because we both like kids!
Anyway… I just don’t know what to think now… I don’t want to rush it, and I assume the fever will pass… any advice? Or how to stop the fever?

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