Still haven't weighed in in Weight Loss Surgery

  • April 29, 2021, 7:56 a.m.
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Never seems like a good time. I guess I’m scared.

ANYWAY I didn’t get to stop at the store and get anything healthy but luckily I didn’t need to cause my mom came through with some roasted squash and zucchini so while I did have a spoon or two of potato salad, I didn’t eat any corn. AND I had my impossible cheeseburger as a lettuce wrap - as did Will - well real burger but lettuce wrapped.

I also did have a scoop of ice cream. I originally said no but when everyone else was making sundaes I couldn’t resist and it was really, really good. He had ice cream too. We were both extremely stuffed when we got home.

I don’t see him dressed in regular clothes much cause he hasn’t been to work in a while so seeing him in regular clothes that he probably hasn’t worn since last summer really highlighted his weight loss.

It’s funny cause he was wearing a t-shirt with cats on it that I like a lot and when he was bigger and his belly filled out the shirt you could see the whole scene. Now that he’s at around 65lbs gone himself the shirt just hangs and you can’t really see the cat scene anymore unless he holds the shirt out so it’s not wrinkled on itself.

He’s also wearing a belt he wasn’t able to fit into and even with the belt the shorts he was wearing looked baggy. Even his legs look thinner. His calves are prob thinner than mine LOL

I asked him if he was planning a shopping spree anytime soon and he said no because he has so much more to lose and he doesn’t want to waste money on clothes that will only last 6 months.

Plus his job comes with a uniform that the company pays for so most of his clothes will just be switched out by the company eventually. He really only has clothes he wears on the weekend and maybe some fancy pieces for a wedding or special night.

Actually we have a wedding coming up in July that he might want to think about regarding what he’s gonna wear…

I told him my plan was def to buy new winter clothes because then it would be a full year since surgery and my winter wardrobe may be a mess.

In Other Not so great news while at my mom’s BBQ my sis took some pix of me. I was sitting down and turned to the side and my double chin is SO PROMINENT.

When you look at me straight on you can def tell my neck has slimmed - but turned to the side, it’s full droopy turkey neck and it looks like I haven’t lost a single lb.

That was hard to take - and hard to realize that the neck skin may just droop but not shrink away or disappear and I may always look that way from the side.

I’m trying not to let that dominate my thoughts today but ever since I saw the pictures last night I just keep thinking about how I’ve lost 65lbs but that picture at that angle doesn’t show any weight loss at all. It really sucks BUT I’m trying not to fall down that whole and just appreciate that I HAVE lost weight and it’s VERY noticeable and that’s just one bad angle…

Dana by Night April 29, 2021 (edited April 29, 2021)


Proverb about bad timing and/or bad news: "There is no good time for bad news." Be patient with your weight loss. Plateaus are common.

sedentary Dana by Night ⋅ April 29, 2021

You're right, gotta so beating myself up!

lessoff April 29, 2021

DUDE i just saw those pics of you at the BBQ and both you and will look awesome. i did a double take when i saw will. :)

sedentary lessoff ⋅ April 29, 2021

Thank you, I just gotta get over that mind hump that makes me see me worse than I am!

ninakir88 April 29, 2021

both of you def looked a lot skinnier!

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