43 lb down from WLS on 12/21- 64 lbs in Weight Loss Surgery

  • April 29, 2021, 1:31 a.m.
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295 HW 274 SW 231 CW 180 GW

These are the same stats as last week cause I don’t weigh myself during my period. I don’t need that stress!!

Now that my period has passed my appetite and cravings have died down.

Yesterday Will bought fresh baked bread and I had 1 (thick) slice with butter for dinner and I was done, stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey. But last week, when I had the other cheese bread, I couldn’t stop eating slices! So the over eating was, of course partially, hormonal but the craving is gone for now… until next month!!

I also wanted to come on here and share another nugget of info my trainer shared with me.

I was lamenting to her about how the body should eat your fat first when you starve yourself - not like I promote starving - and she said how the body works is it will first eat your carbs for energy. I don’t know WHY it eats carbs first but that’s how what it’s made to do and after that it starts eating MUSCLE, just making you weaker and jiggly!

So skipping meals to lose fat doesn’t work. And if you skip meals and lose weight it’s cause you lost muscle, not fat.

Fat is the LAST thing your body uses for energy because it’s “stored”. That’s how she described it. Stored fat is harder to get to than muscle and carbs. So first the body eats carbs and then it eats muscle AND THEN fat last.

She said Keto works because if you can eat A LOT of fat consistently then your body will eat the fat before muscle because it’s more easily reachable but it’s not a sustainable way to live forever cause,
Number one You need carbs and
Number twoyou can’t eat enough fat All Your Life for that to work and
Number three a high fat diet has it’s own issues that will present over time making Keto not a sustainable diet

Now she’s no doctor and I’m no where near either. She could be wrong or I could be hearing and explaining it wrong. So I’m not trying to knock anyone who loves Keto. But Keto isn’t really possible for me and I’m glad to hear from her that she doesn’t even want me to follow that diet.

It would suck if she wanted me to follow a Keto diet and I couldn’t keep up with it. It would be frustrating but luckily she doesn’t want me to do that. She’s happy with me just eating low carb.

I don’t know what percentage of carbs you have to eat to officially be “low carb”. My “diet” is basically makin sure carbs are the lowest part of my nutrition circle graph chart on my food tracking app.

I live on a lot of dairy LOL. Protein shakes and cheese snacks. But as you all know, I eat plenty of other things too during the week so I’m always getting my carbs in LOL.

I think every food tracking app has a graph that shows carb, protein and fat against each other. So I don’t care if carbs are 30% of that daily chart as long as fat and protein are both over 30% so that carbs are the smallest portion of that chart.

My calorie count is way lower than a normal adult woman because of the weight loss surgery I had so I can’t really compare my calories to anyone else but no matter how much I eat, I make sure the carb portion is the lowest portion of my daily eating.

And having a history of disordered eating makes it Really Hard to not fall into cutting calories to lose weight. It seems like it would make sense but I have to remind myself over and over again that it doesn’t really work. It’s never worked long term for me.

I have to remember that seeing a lower number on the scale doesn’t count if I’m dehydrated and my muscle is lacking.

One of the main reasons I did this surgery was to have more ENERGY so I Don’t Want my body to eat my muscle away!

In Other news my family is having a BBQ today and Will is coming and my bestie Teach is coming and I’m so freaking excited but I do plan on hitting a grocery store and trying to bring something healthy.

My sister’s menu is burgers (I’m having a veggie burger), potato salad, grilled corn and greek salad. I’m sure some sort of dessert as well but she didn’t say.

I’m fine with the burger, even a cheese burger - maybe without the bread - but I want some other side that’s not potatoes or corn…

I dunno yet what I’m gonna show up with or make. I’ll see what the grocery store inspires. Maybe a tomato mozz salad?! We’ll see, I’ll report back lol

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