apr 29 in idea barrages

  • April 27, 2021, 6:59 p.m.
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  1. If someone claims to be knowledgeable on Scottish history but seems suspiciously ignorant on the topic, yell “PICTS OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN”.

  2. I hope we get aliens from Vega here, some day, and everyone assumes they don’t eat meat because they’re Vegans and it gets really confusing for a couple years.

  3. Pepperidge Farms Goldfish but they’re full of peanut butter and we call ‘em “Reeses Pisces”.

  4. Nowhere else to escape from its pursuers, the cucumber jumped into the vinegary brine in a drastic act of self-preservation.

  5. Muscle Milk infers the existence of Muscle Nipples.

  6. I just want Howard the Duck’s new catchphrase to be “Duck around and find out!”

  7. An obnoxious conspiracy theorist farm animal called PREPPER PIG.

  8. “We call it Royal Soup.” “But that’s just your regular soup in a sourdough bowl.” “Right, because it’s in-bread.”

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