04-26-2021 in My Therapy Book

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  • April 25, 2021, 11 p.m.
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Just another day in paradise, or so I want to believe. The weekend was a busy one for sure. We went to the Blueberry Festival in Mount Dora and it was packed. The funny part was that of all the booths set up there only two were selling fresh local blueberries. It was way more an arts and crafts festival than blueberry. Still had a great time. I have not been in a location with so many people since the Covid started and if everyone in our group had not already been fully vaccinated I would probably been more than a little uncomfortable. It is funny how one year can change your entire perspective on things. Crowds never bothered me before but now I find myself thinking about them.
My son was working on his science fair project this weekend. I hate the science fair with a passion. It is all about the Seebeck Effect and nothing seemed to work like we thought it would.

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