• April 25, 2021, 1:08 p.m.
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This is the San Diego Museum of art. They have a ramp to the right, and a separate opening for members. This day there was a truly disgruntled employee out in front haranging the visitors via megaphone. If she was truly fired for sexist reasons, why did she not just hire a lawyer?

My goal today was to see the three galleries upstairs. Much to my surprise and pleasure, one whole gallery was filled with French Impressionist work.

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Here the glory of early impressionism runs rampant on this cliff face. Truly wonderful colors by Claude Monet.

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Berthe Morisot surprised me by her almost monochrome image of the Seine Valley at Mezy. Expecting a far stronger palette, I came to a halt admiring her creativity and differences.

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In the center, more formal gallery, were hung the Church supported art. Perhaps one could call these pieces imaginative realism.

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Right in the heart of the park is a touch of modernism. To the left of the Art Museum is the Timkin Museum. Another museum of art this time from the holdings of the famous roller bearing family. It’s free when it isn’t being remodeled. To the right of the main museum is a small café, the sculpture courtyard, and a tiny free gallery all in another international style building.

To be continued:

Last updated April 25, 2021

Narrator April 25, 2021

:) There was a Monet exhibit out our way for awhile - I was lucky enough to go and really enjoyed it for the same reasons.

Marg April 26, 2021

Wow what a creative place - you could spend hours there!

Jinn April 26, 2021

Thanks for showing us . ❤️

Jinn April 26, 2021

Do you think the lamb in the painting is dead ? Is that symbolic of Christ ? It’s kind of a strange subject matter :-)

MageB Jinn ⋅ April 26, 2021

Dead. And it has a halo too.

Jinn MageB ⋅ April 26, 2021

Definitely symbolic .

NorthernSeeker April 28, 2021

I love impressionist art...Camille Pissaro and Monet. I'm not sure if the Canadian Group of Seven are considered to be impressionist but I feel a lot when I look at their paintings and the colours are magnificent.

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