apr 24 in idea barrages

  • April 22, 2021, 1:37 a.m.
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  1. In England, the head of a restaurant kitchen is called a “Cheoff”.

  2. We only serve one dish: General Tsiao’s Chicken in a bread bowl. We are PANDERA EXPRESS.

  3. A surrealistic drunken tour of a desert island that seems to be supernaturally inescapable. GILLIGAN’S WAKE.

  4. Minor-league baseball was the dream that small towns in America could matter, could count for something, at least on the back of a bubblegum card. Now, to save money, the MLB killed it. Four affiliates per team, one just at their spring training site, all the small places evacuated.

  5. The detectives found no new clues in the entire sex dungeon, even though they thoroughly searched the place from top to bottom.

  6. We only serve one dish: Heavy Metal Orange Chicken. We are PANTERA EXPRESS.

  7. The Golden Globes has coasted so long on being the AAA-baseball of the Oscars and every year it gets away with that, it gets weirder, more corrupt and less relevant.

  8. In Six Degrees Of Kevin Canadian Bacon, he just needs to wear a light jacket but in the standard Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon, the frostbite’s gonna kick in pretty fast.

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