4 month measurements in Weight Loss Surgery

  • April 21, 2021, 7:54 a.m.
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HW295 x May 24 285lbs x Jan 3 264lbs x Feb 15 254lbs x Mar 17 246 x Apr 21 232lbs- Total Loss
Chest xxx 51 in xxxxxxxxx 50 in xxxxxxxx 48 in xxxxxxxx 46.5 in xxxx 45 in xxxxxx - 6 in OMG
Waist xxx 54 in xxxxxxxxx 54 in xxxxxxxx 46 in xxxxxxxx 45 in xxxxx 45 in xxxxxx - 9 in
Hips xxxx 60in xxxxxxxxx 55 in xxxxxxxx 53 in xxxxxxxx 52.5 in xxxx 52.5 in xxxx - 7.5 in
Thigh xxx ? xxxxxxxxxxxx 32 in xxxxxxxx 31.5 in xxxxxxx 30.5 in xxxx 30 in xxxxx - 2 in
Arms xxxx ? xxxxxxxxxxxx 21 in xxxxxxxx 20 in xxxxxxxx 19 in xxxxxx 18 in xxxxxx - 3 in
Neck xxxx 18 xxxxxxxxxxx 18 in xxxxxxxx 17.5 in xxxxxxx 17 in xxxxxxx 15 in xxxxxx - 3 in
Calf xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 16 in xxxxxxx-?
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 30.5 in lost!

I didn’t actually lose a lot of inches this month but my boobs are DISSAPPEARING. I don’t even remember what I looked like with a 51 inch chest? Luckily Will’s more a butt man anyway and that’s disappearing at a slower rate.

Only 4.5 inches over all cause my waist and hips didn’t move but I’m still ok with that because I’ve lost so much overall in 4 months that I can’t be mad at it.

It’s also hard to notice outside things telling you that you’ve lose weight. Like one day you’re not bumping into that thing you always use to bump because your belly or butt was bigger. It just seamlessly becomes life.

My app doesn’t track calf measurements but I feel like I have extra large calves so I added that just this month. We’ll see if they are shrinking as well… Actually I know they are cause the last time I wore boots, my wide calf boots weren’t tight so they are slimming but I don’t feel like they’re slimming as much as my thighs. Cause my pants will feel like parachute pants at the thighs and then tight at the calves. Which is an annoying problem to have but a blessing as well.

In other news - my mom’s office said they want people vaccinated and back in the office in September and she’s freaking out cause during covid she injured both her ankles falling down stairs while hiking and so her exercise really stopped and I guess she comfort ate being home all the time and now she’s worried and in like starvation mode to be as small as she was pre covid.

My mom has always been small, like just 5 ft and I don’t know her weight but I was heavier than her by like 5th grade lol. She’s always been teensy to me.

Yes I have noticed that she gained weight but she’s still small. But if a 100lb person went to 150 in a year they’d understandably freak out.

I’m trying not to play into it so much. When she tell s me about thinks she wants to stop eating I tell her it’s as simple as not buying it and replacing it with something else and I’m trying to give her replacement foods.

For instance she was saying she really likes popcorn, and while it may not be super bad but it’s still corn and it has butter and it’s easy to eat a hell of a lot of it and not feel full and there’s los of other crunchy foods out there like nuts, or kale chips, or roasted chick peas or some new thing I saw called Bada Boom ( I think) that’s crunchy fava beans I believe but they come in a ton of flavors. But she shot all those ideas down yesterday. And then said popcorn isn’t why she fat.

So, um, why did you tell me you wanted to stop eating so much pop corn?

She’s just frustrating and she’s low key mad at me because I’m losing weight seemingly effortlessly but she doesn’t know what it was like to be in my body the last 30 year and how many diets I failed at and how miserable and fat I was before I was cut open for this weight loss. While she was skinny the whole time LOL.

I just wish she wasn’t jealous of me because this is only 4 months of changes of a body that hsa been so much more worse off just 4 months ago!

But it is what it is and I imagine many people who go thru WLS experience this.

I mean, how’s she gonna treat me if I get below 200lbs and she’s still struggling with her weight?

It’s not all anger, she’s happy for me, and she wants me to be healthy and happy with my self but it’s hard as well because my whole family has issues with our self worth and weight.

Anyway, I don’t want this to get depressing cause I’m happy with the weight and inches lost. AND I’m amazed that I can eat cheese bread and still lose weight.

Although I’m NEVER buying that tempting shit again LOL

OH I wanted to tell you guys something my trainer told me that maybe you all knew but I didn’t know and now I feel kinda stupid I didn’t know this.

I AM FAMOUS for eating less during the week so I can “splurge” on the weekends.

She said that’s totally wrong. It just doesn’t work that way.

She basically said your body resets everyday. I don’t know that I completely understand but because if I ate a whole pizza on Saturday I would def gain weight Sunday and if I worked out hard Mon , Tue, Wed, I could take some if not all of that weight off from the pizza. So it seems like what you do one day does bleed into the other days and you can correct previous bad behavior.

But it seems like starving yourself Wed, Thur, Friday and dropping weight to then screw it up by eating a whole pizza Saturday doesn’t really equal out like it might seem to on paper.

And I’m sure if has to do with losing water weight vs actually fat and stuff but I just don’t know enough about how a body works to explain it.

It’s just for me, when I’m following a calorie counting app, in my mind just going by the math it seems like cutting 1000 cals during a week to eat 1000 cals of pizza on a weekend DOES work out by week’s end but a human body is not a math equation so.... there’s that.

I learned something new today…

Last updated April 21, 2021

Lacrime di Drago April 21, 2021

You are doing excellent. And you are definitely an inspiration. From a person who has been "skinny" their whole life and now struggles with an added 70 lbs... I get jealous of everyone who is doing what I can't seem to do. I seem to lose and gain the same friggin 5 lbs. But I'm still so excited for you!

sedentary Lacrime di Drago ⋅ April 22, 2021

Thank you for being excited for me and believe me I know the struggle you're in! It's not fair how a person can gain twice as fast as they lose!! But like I'm trying to tell my mom. Tackle it one snack at a time. Replace your most tempting snack with something similar but healthier. Slow small changes will hopefully make it easier.

Lacrime di Drago sedentary ⋅ April 23, 2021

Thank you... I'm trying.

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