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  • April 18, 2021, 5:07 p.m.
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..oats are in. Sun is shining. Tomorrow is my younger son’s fifty-first birthday.

Oh and guess what? What do Susan Sarandon, Sylvester Stallone, another actor whose 3 part name won’t come to mind, Gypsy and I have in common?

I should wait for guesses but I’ll tell you. We are all going to be 75 years old this year.

Tommy Lee Jones, maybe. Perhaps Cher.

1946 was the first year after WWII and thus was the beginning of the Baby Boom. It also was the first year of dedicated rose bushes - thus the first named rose of the series was Peace.... which I love.

Here’s a link -

And please feel free to chase down your own internet roses - feel good about them.

The pale pink and yellow blooms are full and big and smell good. It’s a big bush and its leaves are glossy dark green. There are other variation of Peace. They are all lovely. Too bad we couldn’t have made peace a reality - though we have avoided WWIII.

It’s too early for roses - they don’t happen here till June when I have my 75th birthday. That’s when I had my other 74 birthdays too. Funny how that works.

I used to have roses - I would buy them from Jung Seed in Wisconsin and Jackson and Perkins in Washington state. Jackson and Perkins had exquisite catalogs which when opened smelled like roses. I bought so many that one year they asked me to raise test roses to evaluate and perhaps even suggest names for them. I grew them and they of course were lovely but I never reported back my results.

We live where it’s cold for tea roses. They aren’t quite expensive annuals but they do not survive from year to year very well. I have a few shrub roses that require no care and which are probably ten years old. They are less dramatic and less beautiful than the tea roses but I do not have to mourn them when they don’t come out in the spring.

Daffodils are blooming though and other spring bulbs. I brought in a small bouquet for the table last week and they were lovely - so bright and fresh. Now they are drying themselves out and I need to get some new ones.

Daffodils are the best flowers. The bulbs are hardy and last forever and they multiply themselves. They don’t taste good to rabbits or deer. I have quite a few and always promise myself to plant more every fall. I’m not sure there can be too many daffodils.

Rules to live by -
Rules last a while
Not forever, limited
Like the rest of life.

Coffee, milk, pills
Triad of life
Trial of life
Tired of life.

To be good, we must do good
Good chases us around the pasture
And gores us to death finally.
An end as good as any other.

Good choices/good chooses
Our fate, as well
As each morning
Chooses our day.

I miss my delete button.

NorthernSeeker April 18, 2021 delete button? Crazy. There were beautiful roses where we lived in Victoria. There were enough different varieties that they were blooming from April to October. Burnaby is full of cherry blossoms, tulips, daffodils, and other bulb flowers.

Beret April 18, 2021

Deer like tulips. Unfortunately for me.

woman in the moon Beret ⋅ April 18, 2021

I know. Rabbits too.

Just Annie April 19, 2021

My tablet doesn't have a delete button, either. It can be a challenge.

I love tea roses. My mother had a green thumb and had some beautiful roses. And lilacs.

woman in the moon Just Annie ⋅ April 19, 2021

I'm learning to get in front of stuff I want to get rid of and then backspace. Old dogs, etc.

Serin April 19, 2021

My mother used to sneak stems off rosebushes in public gardens. We still bought plants once in a while, but we had a lot more rosebushes than receipts. (laugh)

It might be more trouble than it's worth, but you could get an external keyboard to get the delete key.

ConnieK April 19, 2021

My favorite rose is the Oriana, but my favorite flower remains the lilac.

noko April 19, 2021

Love the Peace Rose. They are so beautiful. Daffodils will do for now though.

Jinn April 20, 2021

I love roses and add a couple every year to my collection. Some make it and some don’t . I choose floribundas, ramblers, climbers and Rosa rugosa primarily . Tea roses usually do not make it for me . I love David Austin roses . Now I always look for hardiness, scent and repeat bloom . When I started planting them I chose some that only bloom once and while they are lovely ; most of the summer they are just a boring shrub :-) I am a bad rose mom. I rarely prune except for the dead stuff and I do not fertilize or apply pesticides. I only want the ones that can survive on their own.
Getting old sucks. I am not liking it at all . It seems to have very little to recommend it except for the alternative :-)

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