Baby day, autoimmune and more in Bittersweet

  • April 16, 2021, 10:32 p.m.
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Yesterday was my husbands birthday. He says he is offically in his late 30s now haha. Im all wait. how old are you? Cuz uhh how old am I?! lol. Im 4 months younger then him. So yeah hes now in his “late 30s” he says. Hes 37 lol. Anyway it was a quiet day. In a way.

See yesterday i had to take CO to the doctor. Co is over 6 ft at 13, and extremely spindly. Hes also extremely flexible. He can bend his joins backwards. Its like wow. B also can dislocate both shoulders and relocate them at will. Ive been telling him to stop for years. Anyway a doctor took it seriously. They are testing the kids for EDS and Marfans. Both are autoimmune disorders. EDS is a connective tissue and marfans could explain the shape of their bodies.... Anyway so i had to be in another city at 8 am. That was exhausting. Came home after 7 hours! And put nest boxes out for babies. We ended up having all 3 litters i was planning on.

Penny X Oni ( HR chestnut X rew ) All born, i think there are 9. :)
Briar X Sunny ( Harli X HR Fawn) Sunny is out of Frostbite and Clover, All stillborn :( 9 babies.
Frostbite X Kaji ( Ermine X Fawn) Kaji is out of Briar and Mara. My harlis. May get mags. 9 babies.
I think im getting entirely rews fawns and chestnuts. There are some dusky ones that maybe chocolate? We will see. I ended up taking sunnys nest and she was SO sad. Like extremely sad. So when the other two first time moms had their kits and had 9ish each. ( I need to count fuck haha) But i took 4 from one, and 3 from the other and put them in sunnys nest. She jumped in and nursed them all! I got home from work and all three litters are warm and fed :D Im happy. Im REALLY bummed about sunnys harli litter. But what can i do you know? We arent sure if its a feed issue ( but that dosent make sense because all moms AND my previous mom had 8-10 kits!) Or just something wrong with the litter. My friend suggested possibly she had a placental issue and thats why all babies were on time, fully formed but dead. She made a killer nest. In any event. We will just go with what we have. Im going to have to find a way to mark which babeis are Onis and which are Kajis.

Anyway. We got new chicks. I cant remember if i said it or not, They are doing good. we are going to build a much sturdier cage before they go outside. Sigh. Fucking dog. Sorry im cussing a lot.

Ok im exhausted, Im going to go and chill and do nothing go to bed and do nothing haha.

Jinn April 16, 2021

No wonder you are tired. Hoping the kids do not have those disorders .
Poor babies :-(

girl in recession April 17, 2021

Oh wow, I hope the kids are okay 💜

ChainedChrysalis girl in recession ⋅ April 17, 2021

my sons ekg just came back abnormal. Which is another indicator for marfans. We passed on a genetic shit show.... Hes going to a cardiologist in a few days....

girl in recession ChainedChrysalis ⋅ April 17, 2021

Awww :(

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