38 lb down from WLS on 12/21- 59 lbs down from HW in Weight Loss Surgery

  • April 15, 2021, 8:44 a.m.
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295 HW 274 SW 236 CW 180 GW

So yesterday I was saying how I was stuck at 237 and today I just got to 236. I think it has to do with the training sessions since I was stuck the week I couldn’t meet with her and now that I’m back on it the scale is moving.

Eating is a big part of it but I haven’t been eating so well lately so exercise is combatting that…

In other news - I tried to take a comparison shot from the side - showing how far my belly sticks out. I swear to you, I’ve lost almost 60lbs and my mind’s eye won’t let me see a difference.

Most of the inches I’ve lost have been on my waist but it seems like it’s only coming off the sides so I’m getting an hour glass shape but if I stand sideways I still feel like I look 12 months pregnant and I don’t know what to do about it.

I CAN SEE the shirt hanging looser but because my stomach sticks out past my chest I just don’t really see the weight loss. I don’t know WHEN that belly will go down. Prob after I have no boobs or butt left.

THAT’S ANOTHER THING - I put on a paid of jeggings yesterday and the butt sagged so badly it looked like I was wearing a full diaper - where the hell is my ass, these use to be tight LOL.

Some people might be like YAY but I liked my T&A and really only wanted the belly, arms and neck to go down but it’s not really working like that…

In the end, all fat loss means a healthier heart and a body that moves easier so I’ll take it.

FYI I never plan on getting anything tucked or lifted. Besides the fact that I don’t really care about loose skin, I also don’t want to deal with the healing or the cost/insurance for it. Nothing is ever easy in the medical field. Almost 4 months out and I still haven’t gotten all the billing. I don’t know what this surgery cost me. And that’s worrying.

In some good news though I bought some swim shorts from Torrid for the water park trip with my sister this summer. I bought a size 2 which I believe is their 2x which equals out to an 18-20 size and it’s meant for a 40 to 44 inch waist and they’re a little snug.

Last I checked my waist was 46 inches which puts me at a 3x but seeing as I have a couple of months before I have to wear them I thought I’d go a size down in hopes that they fit better in 2 months. They fit now and I’ll wear them even if I lose nothing but they are snug.

I’ll check my inches next week to see where I really am all over…

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