Monkey wrench. in A small but passable life.

  • April 14, 2021, 12:57 p.m.
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Well, it seems as if the pandemic has thrown a real monkey wrench into the whole mail order bride business. Is it still called mail order when no mail is used any longer? Anyway, the bureaucracy has become even more onerous in these unprecedented times. Visa’s, Covid tests, background checks, ect. Who would have thought that far, far east Russia might as well be another planet? Apparently it doesn’t make things easier by being born a Russian citizen in China.

I rode the scooter to the library on Saturday morning. This second trip to the library with the scooter confirmed the viability of the mode of transportation. It used 18% of the battery for the 9 mile round trip with the power setting on #1 or ECO mode giving it a top speed of 18 to 20mph. Which was fine as I just puttered along in the bike lane.

I’ve been turning off the A/C’s at midnight and opening the windows for a few weeks now. The nights are warming up though. It was 74 degrees in here this morning at 6:30am. Pretty soon I’ll have to run the A/C’s 24/7.

A week from tomorrow I’ll be getting the second Moderna shot. And then two weeks after that I’ll be loading up the backpack and heading up into the mountains somewhere. For a week? A month? For the summer? I have no clue.

Mr. Mofo April 15, 2021

I got the my second moderna shot a couple days ago and last night I was so weak from it my head was literally rolling around like a babie's.

Jinn May 05, 2021

I get my second Pfizer Friday. I am dreading it. I got really sick after the first one :-(

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