He's getting it in Weight Loss Surgery

  • April 14, 2021, 8:11 a.m.
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But I’m not LOL.

I cant even remember all I’ve eaten.

My last entry before this one was when I had a little binge and I was trying to forgive myself for that One Day. But it rolled into a couple of days of eating more carbs than I should be and my scale being at a stand still.

And it’s all my fault, I don’t say no to the bad things, I portion my own food out.

Will made a chili mac earlier in the week that was a big hit with me. I don’t think I’ve ever had chili mac before and I don’t really like hamburger helper but I liked what Will made a little too much!

Remember that chocolate bar I was kinda hiding from Will - That’s gone.

He also bought ice cream into the house and I indulged.

I brought a protein shake a cheese whisps to the zoo with me this weekend but instead had pizza and fries!

I ordered an omelette that I didn’t know came with buttered toast and hash browns but when they showed up I sure ate them. AND some of Will’s onion rings.

I’ve been stuck at 237 for 2 weeks and it’s all my fault.

I’ve started back up with my trainer, I’m really trying to reset myself here.

But the reason I say that Will’s getting it is because yesterday we went and got pizza. BUT we only got slices of pizza, not a whole pizza. He said he remembered last time we went here it was almost $70 worth of food. Multiple pizzas and apps and all of it barely lasted 24 hours because that’s how badly we ate.

Now we spent $15 on a few slices and it was still too much food! 1 got 1 slice, he got 3 and couldn’t finish. He knew he ordered too much but his eyes are bigger than his stomach now.

He let me put it away so he wouldn’t eat it in another hour when his stomach was less full. So instead of eating the other pieces through out the night he has lunch for today.

He’s getting it. He’s getting it. I’m glad. I think he’s in the 340s, which is good. I find that he stays about 100lbs more than me so I think he’s on the right track.

I wish he would take measurements but he doesn’t want to. My time to take measurements is coming up soon. I’m a little worried since the scale hasn’t moved much this month…

ninakir88 April 15, 2021

im surprised he is ok with eating all of that food since his pooping hurts so bad. i would be on a liquid diet if i was in so much pain from eating solids

sedentary ninakir88 ⋅ April 15, 2021

I KNOOOOW but he feels like even on a liquid diet he would be in the same pain - I don't think so but he does.

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