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  • April 11, 2021, 10:17 a.m.
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Not Pets!

Batman: The Animated Series is beautiful in Blu Ray.

4:07 AM
Therapy was at noon and we dived in to one of the EMDR techniques. Pretty interesting. Afterwards I ran a few errands and got a calzone for lunch. Twas tasty.

Later in the evening Peacock dropped by. We ended up at Rural King so she could get some new jeans. I took advantage of the situation and purchased a few button down shirts and shorts. Didn’t try the shorts on and alas my fat self can’t button them. I’ll return them tomorrow for an exchange.

After she left I went for chili cheese pups from Krystal’s but they had a line of cars to the street so went to Sonic instead. Chili cheese foot long and a small chili cheese tots filled my craving for all things meat and cheese covered. Came home, fired up the PS4 and gamed for a few hours.

Did not put any alcohol into my system. Found better outlets for the boredom. Hence I can’t sleep so I’m watching cartoons. Today was a nice, chill day I’ve been needing after a week (or two) of go go go.

Hope everyone else is doing good.

Hell yes!
Christmas With The Joker episode just started. This one is brilliant!

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