Maskless Exercise. in Whey and Sonic Screwdrivers.

  • April 7, 2021, 7:10 a.m.
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I’m vehemently pro-mask. I follow News 12 NJ on facebook, and it is infested by right-wingers. People that refuse to vaccinate because it is “untested”. That think social gathering is a “personal choice”. Dude, you’re missing the point. You mask up not only for yourself, but for others. Every time there is a Florida beach party or some mass event like one of stale cheeto’s rallies, there is a spike in cases.

That said, I’ve been getting back to the gym. And while, if mandated, I would comply and wear a mask, I don’t see myself doing so. You can fight me, but gyms are one of the cleanest places to be. Gym protocol, spoken or unspoken, is higher than in general public settings. It is considered polite to wipe down your station after you finish. I forget the name of the brand, but it’s an anti-virus spray.

Oh, I know covid is spread through the air. Thing is, pandemic or not, people tend to stay away from each other at the gym. You give people space while they’re lifting. It’s not written down anywhere, but if you notice someone squatting or benching or whatever, you stay out of their immediate field of vision so they can concentrate. Even if I’m literally in the squat rack over, I’ll wait for the guy or gal in the rack over to finish their set before I adjust my weights. Gym courtesy.

Locker etiquette is akin to public bus etiquette. If there is a single person on a bus, NOBODY is going to sit right next to them. They’ll find an appropriate spot away from them, perhaps entirely away from them. Given the size of locker room benches, I don’t need to measure a distance of six feet. It’s going to be there. Moreover, since there’s that unspoken NO STARING rule, faces (and therefore breathing) will be facing away most of the time.

And then there are the attendees of the gym itself. Fairly good chance they are going to be local. If there is an outbreak, it will be limited to one town. A major league sports team? I drove five hours or so (275 mi/440 km) to see a Dallas Stars game. If a major league sports event causes an outbreak, it won’t be limited to one town.

As well, in general, those that exercise are a touch healthier and more in tune with when their body is “off”. (Pure conjecture.)

Anyway, I’m going to the grocery store. Overdue to make my Timmy™ Bowl of Food.
(Taco meat, rice, black beans - one pot) Right ankle is bothering me again, but whatever.
Mood is good enough that I don’t care that I have an obvious limp. I may be right-handed, but a lot of me is left-side dominant. (Broke my right tibia in 3rd grade. Despite training left/right equally, my left leg and left arm are SLIGHTLY stronger than my right side.)

Pandemic or not, I intend to wear protection.

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girl in recession 7 days ago

I wont be going to a gym anytime soon as I dont have a membership, but nobody wears a mask outdoors [exercising] here anymore. It used to be like 50-75% of people were masked. I went for an 11 mile bike ride around Austin the other day and I saw zero masks of bikers/walkers/joggers... And I haven't worn a mask exercising outdoors this entire pandemic.

I am 100% pro-mask otherwise.

Timmy™ girl in recession ⋅ 7 days ago

Very reasonable on your end.

Chair 7 days ago

I agree that it is considered polite to wipe down machines....the number of people I see actually doing it is far outweighed by the people who do. Still, I think you make some valid points.

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