Home, Life and EMDR in My Therapy Book

  • April 7, 2021, 1:34 p.m.
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Well a hell of a lot has been happening of late so I thought I would take a moment and write it down. For the last couple of months we have been actively looking at moving to a new home. The problem is that the housing market in our area is so hot that homes go on the market and off in a day or two. This is great for getting the most out of our current home but sucks when it comes to finding a home to move into. No one is taking any contingent offers so we have to first sell our home and then hope to find a new home to move into before we close. This has proven to be a pain in the ass. My wife flat out refuses to rent, even short term so we are kind of at an impasse. On top of all that the stress level in our house it at an all time high and all we ever do is argue over what we are doing. There is no joy in house shopping anymore and we have officially decided to table it for at least a year and see where we are then.
My daughter ended up back in the hospital and was there for the longest time so far. two days after getting out she was cutting again. I would never say this to anyone but I am starting to loose hope that she is going to get better and that she will have anything that resembles a normal life. It breaks my heart to see anyone like this. It is tearing her and our family apart. Four years and I don’t personally think she is any better than she was at the start. I have reached out to a new type of therapy called EMDR and if anyone has any in put on it I would love to hear. I am not really sure she will last too much longer in her current state.
The family and intensive therapy does not seem to be doing much. We are talking more as a family and that is good but most of the talks end in upset feelings and people not talking to each other. My wife is trying her best to be understanding but it is not in her makeup. She is very cut and dry about things where I am very emotional. We were instructed to take the 5 Languages of Love quiz and talk about the results at our next family meeting. That should be interesting. I ended up with Quality time followed closely by Physical Touch. I think that is very close to who I am.
Well that is all I have in me for now. More to come I hope.

secretsmile April 08, 2021

My brother used to occasionally cut as a pre teen/teen. Therapy helped and getting to the root of why he was using it as a coping outlet. I cant even imagine how hard it must be for a parent to see their child struggle and worry about their future quality of life.
I really believe in the 5 love languages idea. Many times we get lost in a feeling like someone we love doesnt understand us or show they love us. Then when we really look at it, many times they ARE, but just not in the ways that we need them to or see that they are. Also putting ourselves out of our comfort zones to show our loved ones love in the ways they need us to is just as important.

lost soul secretsmile ⋅ April 09, 2021

I have ordered the book so I can read it. Our family members have all taken the quiz and we are sitting down this weekend to talk it over. I have a great deal of hope that it will help us all understand where the other is coming from.

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