I'm Afraid Our Time Is Up in Hello

  • April 1, 2021, 4:12 a.m.
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I forgot how funny Frasier was.
Been catching the three AM reruns on a local network that airs old television series.

The mechanic took less than five minutes to tell me I need to take the car to the dealership. Man oh man, was I annoyed. I went to Advanced Auto Parts to get windshield wipers, after. Saturday I’m going to try and replace the head and tail lights again.

Peacock came to visit. We did lunch at La Alameda. Twas damn good and the leftovers became my lunch at work.
Cuddling lead to other things of which I’ve got a mark on my neck. Not complaining. ☺ Wants another. 😇

Work went by fast. Kept busy with the whatever they are called. Almost a twenty minute cycle making a few cuts here and a radius there, they are a bitch to deburr. Using the 90 sander, my hands feel like jelly (or numb) at the end of the shift. When I have busy work like that, though, I like it. Keeps my mind occupied.

Normally I’ve got one earbud in my left and an earplug in the right. I’ll load two blanks, fire up the program and while that’s running sand down the other two parts I pulled out out the machine. When the sanding is done I set it off to the finished pallet amd will have roughly ten minutes to goof off before the currently cycle is done.

Sounds boring but that’s my job/life. Well, will be my life again however! I’ll embrace it. I miss boring.

It’s past four AM now and The Beverly Hillbillies are on. Sounds like a good time to close my eyes and relax.

Peace all!
May good vibes find you on this April Fool’s Day. Play a prank on someone. Hell, tell someone a dad joke!

What happened to Mr. Pig when he went to the hospital?
He came out a cured ham!

Evelyn April 01, 2021 (edited April 01, 2021)


Never got into Frasier.
You know the worst newspaper comic ever is? Well, I guess it's a toss up of Dilbert and Kathy. I thought they made Dilbert into a tv series at one point. Never could get into Daria either.. I loved Beavis and Butthead though.
Idk why I'm telling you this... just random thoughts I guess..

Glad you had a good "cuddling", I'm jealous! Hahah!

J.E. Evelyn ⋅ April 01, 2021 (edited April 01, 2021)


I loved Daria and I caught Dilbert reruns on Comedy Central. It was a lot funnier than the shit comic strip.
Frasier passes itself off as smart funny but there is some lowbrow hilarity in it.

Random thoughts make my day. Thanks for sharing. 🙃

DimMeOut April 01, 2021

Glad to hear things are going better and you're doing ok. :) I laughed entirely too hard at the cured ham joke!!!

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