Unwritten Entries. in The Napkin.

  • March 23, 2021, 10:09 a.m.
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Don’t know about you, but I have so many. I’m the mad scientist who scribbles on pieces of paper to remind myself. Sometimes I get around to fleshing the idea out. Sometimes not. Sometimes it ends up as a tangent in an entry. Sometimes that tangent gets fleshed out all on its own.

Sometimes not.

I used to literally write in my carbon journal in a Jersey Diner. Sometimes scribbling notes on literal napkins. (See title of this prosebox “book”)

Sometimes, I pace my postings. We all want attention - I know how to game the system to a degree. Other times, I tell myself to let go, and WRITE AT WILL.

Poor William T. Riker. Everyone is always firing at Will.

Last updated March 23, 2021

Deleted user March 23, 2021

I miss NJ diners.

Timmy™ Deleted user ⋅ March 23, 2021

What was your default order?

Deleted user Timmy™ ⋅ March 23, 2021

Oh wow. Happy Waitress, Disco Fries, Chicken Francaise, this one diner in Linden had this weird pizza without the dough dish: meat, mozzarella, ricotta, sauce, mushrooms. And I'm a sucker for a salad bar.

Timmy™ Deleted user ⋅ March 23, 2021 (edited March 23, 2021)


(Why the wow?)

Don't know half of what you mentioned, but hey, Jersey is a diverse place.

Been to a lot of Diners across Jersey, but the most frequented was the Randolph Diner. Much preferred them before the remodel. Went to them only once after the remodel and the atmosphere was gone. But in their prime....

Cheeseburger, medium-rare, no fries, and tea. (I know it doesn't effect the cost, I simply just don't bother eating fries.)


Three eggs scrambled and tea, please. For some reason "home fries" click with me a little better?

[I'm not really into tea, I simply enjoyed it to be ostentatious.]

The former, though, is what I ate when I did my carbon writing in a diner. I paid my bill, I tipped, and there were plenty of places for other customers. I don't smoke, but I really miss when I would be seated in the "smoking" section. OH MY GOD. There was this one waiter. I can't remember his name. Candi and I went there often enough that


Diego would tease us "So when are you going to marry her"?


I don't eat mushrooms. They are a fungus. (Picked up this fear from my Grandma.) Oh, if you sneak them in, I won't quibble. But I can taste the difference. And immediately go "Wait, are there mushrooms in this?" I won't vomit, I won't complain - I will simply push my plate forward and stop eating. No fungus for Timmy.

Deleted user Timmy™ ⋅ March 23, 2021

"Oh wow" as in asking me what I want to eat or what I like takes me forever.

I get the fungus thing. I'll eat generic button mushrooms but...that's it. After that I have a fungus phobia. Lichens trigger me.

I read this book called The Ritual about these guys stuck in a boreal forest being chased by a monster. Scarier to me was how dirty they were and how they couldn't get clean and the lichens everywhere.

Timmy™ Deleted user ⋅ March 23, 2021

As long as you don't have two shadows, you'll be fine.

(Ask if you don't get the reference.)

Deleted user Timmy™ ⋅ March 23, 2021

Oh it sounds familiar! What's it from?

Timmy™ Deleted user ⋅ March 23, 2021

Doctor Who "Forest of the Dead"

David Tennant era; 10th Doctor.

Deleted user Timmy™ ⋅ March 23, 2021

Ah, OK.

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