Sleep Tracking 3-6-21 in Whey and Sonic Screwdrivers.

  • March 6, 2021, 12:28 p.m.
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Time in bed, sans urination station: 9:20 pm - 9:15 am.

I recall being awake at 6am. It felt too early to get up. I simply clutched my Reddy Bear, and relaxed. Three blankets strewn across me. Blackie, Fluffy, and Pinkie. And drifted back to sleep.

Just got done recounting the incident where I got into a fight in high school. Mike hadn’t heard the story before. It’s a hilarious story. Would copy/paste, but well. Nevermind that his post is friend-only. I was writing on his post very off-the-cuff, so it would take a bit of formatting to get it here.

What’s the tl;dr? Guy and I punched each other in the face because he knocked my glasses off, and we later were able to laugh about it. Friends of mine being all “Didn’t you have a fight with that guy?” Yeah, and?

alt text
(If you can’t Darmok this, I’ll explain.)

Vice Principal all “Call your mother”. Ha. Ha. Ha ha ha ha ha. My mom was so supportive, she went just short of “Did you win?”

I’m really not a violent person. I’m quiet, introverted, kind. I can take a lot without responding. So uh. Just don’t knock my glasses off.

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