Nerves in Current Events

  • Feb. 23, 2021, 12:10 p.m.
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I did not get any sleep last night. I could not calm my nerves. My mind was racing a mile a minute. This is why I usually scroll on my phone until my eyes bleed. I can’t shut my head up. I forgot how bad it was. It didn’t help that I did have one too many glasses of wine. Yesterday was a little stressful. My sister did end up leaving to spend the night at her inlaws so I finally got to just be alone. I did everything that I was putting off but that did not calm my nerves at all. I’m nervous about starting my new gig today which is understandable. I’m their test pilot for training virtually. I don’t know how this is going to go exactly. I have my phone set up and ready to go. 6:15 am -2:45 pm. I’m already bored. I feel wrecked. I am running on a few hours of sleep.

I have this fear of them stipulating that I take a con-19 test before I start. I’ll decline. They’re not likely going to. They haven’t once asked that of anyone. Their package does promote flu shots but that’s also a hard pass. It’s frustrating that everybody wants to gaslight you into believing these things are safe when you have been injured by them in the past. I watched this awesome clip last night of this man who filmed himself decline the test at the airport. He walked right past the lineup of Canadians waiting to get it, the police tried to stop him and he simply said that he was declining the test. He made the officers acknowledge his right to do so. His charter of rights. They gave him a fine and he will have it thrown out in court like all the others. The fines are just an accusation of guilt and he’s not guilty of anything, our rights apply. He shouted what he was doing to the sheeple and showed them how easy it was and I doubt a single one of them left that line. He did all of that without wearing a mask. He claimed he had a medical condition not that anyone has the right to make you disclose what that is. It’s not cotton at the end of those tests. They’re already vaccinating people. Simple logic, if the virus was so contagious from the saliva in our mouths that we have to wear masks they wouldn’t need to jab the blood-brain barrier to find it.

I was thinking about those who already received the con-19 shot and about how if they don’t keep their vitamin D up they are at high risk for antibody dependant enhancement. That’s why the mRNA technology failed so miserably in the animal trials in the past. When the time came for the mRNA to perform it killed the animal. It’s a good thing we have the sun to get that vitamin D. Oh wait, Bill Gates wants to dim the sun to fight climate change for us. What a nice man. He loves us so much that he wants to grow our food, dim the sun and regulate our genome. What a pal. His obsession with depopulation is probably just a conspiracy. He was banned from India for sterilizing 30 thousand women by sneaking a hormone into his vaccines. Probably just a misunderstanding. COVID and vaccines have been the leading cause of coincidence. People of colour require more vitamin D because of the higher melanin. This leaves an aftertaste of eugenics which is not a stretch of the imagination as he comes from a long line of eugenicists. This mRNA technology has the potential to travel through saliva and sex making us walking vaccines. Zombies.

Why can’t I have normal things on my mind to keep me up at night? Anyway, my virtual orientation starts in five minutes.

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