To all the lovely people😏 that responded to my last entry disrespectfully and yes the power outage in Texas is Biden's fault in Poetry

  • Feb. 22, 2021, 3:43 p.m.
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I am glad that you responded to my last entry. I cannot wait to put you in my novel and show the errors of your thinking.

Obviously, you need someone to hold your hand through this and lead you through.

So, if you would please click on the link directly above you.

If you cannot access the link, then go to Google. I hope that you know how to access Google. Once you are on Google, then copy and paste what I write below.

DOE 202(c) Emergency Order - ERCOT 02.14.2021

Read page 2

There are and were people freezing in Texas and limiting environmental emissions is the major discussion here. If anything, more emissions of any kind were needed.

Do you still not understand?

I’ll be nice and help you out.

The fiasco in Texas happened due to Biden Administration’s environmental limits on energy production.

“To minimize adverse environmental impacts, this Order limits operation of dispatched units to the times and within the parameters determined by ERCOT for reliability purposes.” (p. 2)

If the ERCOT decides to use Specified Resource, a customer could be charged up to $1500/MWh.

“This incremental amount of restricted capacity would be offered at a price no lower than $1,500/MWh.” (p. 3)

Why would the Biden Administration want to limit resources during an emergency?

The order was written and signed on the day of the emergency. There was no time for preparation or warning for what the order implemented.

Thank you for participating. Please respond more so I can comprehend your delusions.

I hope you have a wonderful day

Nash March 07, 2021

You have to hand it to Biden, just 40 odd days in office and he was able to bring Texas to its knees! Right on time and just as we libs planned! Bwahahahahah bwahahaha!

Raphael Tiriel Nash ⋅ March 15, 2021


I already know you are a Blue Anon.

Nash Raphael Tiriel ⋅ March 16, 2021

Blue Anon?!?! Those guys couldn't fry my cabbage. I am a Pastafarian. You will soon bow to the heavily carbohydrated might of the FSM. bwahahaha! bwaahahaha!

Raphael Tiriel Nash ⋅ March 30, 2021

Whatever you wanna think Blue Anon

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