Ouchie from Fauci in Current Events

  • Feb. 18, 2021, 9:38 a.m.
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This doctor explains her journey as an MD when she snapped out of the dream spell and realized what mainstream healthcare was. Then her discovery of real healthcare through naturaopathics and holistic practices. I like this testimony, it’s not morbid. A lot of holistic doctors started in mainstream medicine. This one doctor, I can’t remember his name, his red pill moment was when he witnessed a vaccine kill a baby. His colleagues made him report it as SIDS. It put him in a dark place because they all knew and gaslit the parents. He smartened up and explored alternative medicine. Terrain theory is the real theory. I went through a dark weekend to accept that. Usually, when I transfer between paradigms I go through a heavy kind of depression. Accepting terrain theory makes the world a very dark place. Through logic and reason, you can see that today’s healthcare system is not working. It’s just pushing drugs and vaccines. It’s just business. Germ theory is a business model. Today’s curriculum comes from the German pharmaceutical company that Hitler used for biochemical warfare. Whatever, this is not to say that all doctors are evil. There are good people stuck in a bad system.

Amandha Vollmer is queen. She, like most truthers, has no patience and very little respect for the normies who voluntarily brainwash themselves and defend fake narratives. She is so blunt. I’m bad for that also. I saw this creepy post yesterday. One of the con-19 larpers virtue signalled with a sticker on her back car window that said I Got My Ouchie From Fauci. I didn’t realize how blunt my response to that was until someone called it out. I don’t want to share that here. It was brutal honesty. It’s twisted that one of the silver linings is a high probability of infertility. We don’t know what systemic effects there will be. There is talk of this mRNA technology transferring through saliva and sex. This could also become a problem for blood transfusions and organ donation. We don’t have any answers. The risks are way too high, this feels like an assault against us. Giving it to our frontline workers and military first is a national security risk.

My Prime Sinister, the pedophile rapist Trudeau, is putting the First Nations people at the front of the line for the con-19 vaccine. I got a bad feeling about it. He is also passing Bill C-15 this spring giving the UN declaration of our rights and lands. They paint it pretty but this is how the corrupt human trafficking UN gets to grow as a nation within a nation. There is a media blackout about it because all our parties are on board. Biden and Trudeau are CCP simps. They’re coming for our guns this spring. That is the signature move right before the final blow of a communist takeover. They both just allowed Huawei in our countries because we’re obviously under CCP occupation. They’re going to spy on our phones, anyone who talks ill about the LIberal party will be prisoners of conscience soon enough. Both Biden and Trudeau refused to denounce the genocide happening to the Uyghurs in China. They defended it by making excuses. Belt and roads. They want us to respect China’s social fabric. This spring is when I expect that all hell is going to break loose. That’s when the 11+ isolation camps take effect in Canada, which is also when Saskatchewan receives 36k tons of rioting agents. April is when our government is suspected to do something we won’t like. I don’t know what it will be yet. I suspect that is when we reset our currency and everybody loses everything. This Pandemic was supposed to be the cover story. We reset to social credit. Maybe. I dunno. Those “Redditors” are trying to short squeeze the silver on them.

It’s hard to say what is happening exactly. On one hand, it does look like we’re moving forward with their reset. On the other hand, it looks like the central bank’s plan is falling apart. It looks like a controlled demolition to take them down. Russia switched their currency and removed themselves from them. Xi is even refusing to do it. Trump looked like he was ready to close the fed and roll out a digital currency. These psychopaths will still just push their reset button. These bankstas will just “liberate” those two countries with their rigged mob rule democracies. Myanmar has seized their banks and Haiti is uprising there also. The two hot spots for human trafficking. Governments everywhere are still going through it. Just falling apart. We’re all locking down our borders even though all our con-19 numbers are dropping. This is probably so they can write it in the history books that the vaccine, double masks and strict rules stopped the pandemic and not reducing the thresholds on the PCR.

I’m being cautious with my optimism. I’ve broken free from the dream spell and took a free fall down the rabbit hole, obviously. I didn’t explore the fake currency yet. I’ll invest in currency shortly. I also paused on looking into the sovereign movements since we’re being overthrown. There is another one growing, people wanting to pull themselves out of this system. The previous ones have failed because they never had standing. I’m tuning into that one lightly. Blah, anyway I have to fill in my digital documents for my new job. Ta.

DE_KentuckyGirl February 18, 2021

The digital currency is skyrocketing super fast. Better get on it!

Small Town Girl February 19, 2021

Its all just such a mess.

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