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  • Feb. 13, 2021, 5:57 a.m.
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I am through with facebook

gattaca February 13, 2021


IpsoFacto February 13, 2021

Never say never my friend. Your bright and articulate and wonderful I’m sure whoever you have over there will miss you. Take care

woman in the moon IpsoFacto ⋅ February 13, 2021

It's funnyy/in a sad way. I keep track of a lot of people over there - you for one, and a lot of my relatives. I think I'll just block the person that's killing me. But I'll sit it out for a while.

IpsoFacto woman in the moon ⋅ February 13, 2021

It’s healthy to take a break from FB every so often. Just don’t leave those of us who care greatly for you.

ConnieK February 13, 2021

It's a love/hate relationship for me.

WhatDreamsMayCome February 13, 2021

I can think of worse things!

Neogy Titwhistle February 13, 2021

I've never signed up. I heard it was just one web page out of billions.

Deleted user February 13, 2021

A good decision that we all should probably make.

Purple Dawn February 13, 2021

My family is all there :)
But yes, it does get a bit much doesn't it.

noko February 13, 2021

I sure wish we had an alternative.

woman in the moon noko ⋅ February 13, 2021

It's the people, my friends, not the platform. If I unfriended two or three people, my FB experience would be a lot more pleasant.

Abritelight February 13, 2021

It stinks when one bad apple ruins the whole barrel.

Jinn February 13, 2021

I like it ... but I am trying to avoid politics. I have to sit on my hands :-)

woman in the moon Jinn ⋅ February 13, 2021

I should have sat on my hands a few days ago. Too late now.

Jinn woman in the moon ⋅ February 14, 2021

So far, so good for me . One of my friends messaged me and said that my posts were really upsetting her and I thought : is it worth it ? It’s not like my posts are truly accomplishing anything but making me feel like I am raising consciousness among my FB friends . What I was really doing was making them mad.:-( . I decided to just back off the politics for awhile , maybe permanently . I think FB should be fun, not a debate where people get angry or their feelings hurt 😢 so I am back to posting art, animals, positive things, funny memes , music , recipes and an occasional observation. :-)

NorthernSeeker February 14, 2021

I am through with it before I ever started.

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