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  • Feb. 2, 2021, 2:40 p.m.
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The majority of gen X and boomers are a write-off. They’re not going to make it. We can’t help them. It’s not worth our time. They failed to modernize and they’re in the way of change. Elder millennials have no excuse. You’re either digitally literate enough to get informed without the news or you’re not. These people are not going to wake up. Humanity is facing a level of idiocy at a magnitude we have never seen before. Zoomers we can save because they’re not out of touch with times, just ignorant. Ignorance and idiocy are not the same things. The cognitive dissonance seems to be paralytic for the older generations and we can’t waste our time on them. Let them live in their LARP. They’re not going to get with the times, they’re just not. It’s like arguing about Santa Clause with them. If you haven’t figured out that the news is fake then God help you because you’re not going to know what is actually going on until it’s too late.

The millennial wound is us waiting for our turn to be in control. This is why it is so exciting for a lot of us to see that this entire system just might be another thing that the millennials killed. It probably won’t happen but this Main Street vs Wall Street battle is getting a little serious. Main Street is aiming to short sell silver to collapse the banks. I don’t even care, bring it down. Bring the pain. Pull the rug on the cable news cult. It was a conspiracy theory to say that the system was rigged but it’s crystal clear now. Big tech, big media and big government got backed into a corner and they showed their teeth. It’s like that moment in a Bug’s Life when the ants figured out that they are the many. They absolutely can collapse their system if they choose. I don’t know if they will but the elites are squirming because we figured it out. The revolution started a while ago but it is picking up momentum. Especially since those Redditers discovered how to transfer the wealth back. I think it’s at 70 billion now?

Governments everywhere are falling apart. There are uprisings everywhere. It looks like people are getting it right this time and are going after the politicians and bankers instead of each other. In Italy and Austria, or Denmark? The police have joined their protests. In Canada, I’m waiting for our police to switch the brown shirts at this point. I don’t know how any of this is going to turn out. It’s nervewracking, it would be easier to just blue pill. Go back to sleep and wake up and believe whatever I want to believe. Just live in their Anne Frank fantasy. My government is kidnapping people and not telling anybody where they are being taken. For our safety of course. Only the cable new cultists would believe that.

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, made an ominous speech at the World Economic Forum. He told the WEF that their global government is failing and that this is going to result in an all against all. They’ve destabilized our countries but they lost the plot thanks to the wild wild web. Did Putin red pill? Is he decentralizing? He is getting ready to switch Russia to their own cryptocurrency. So I was wondering last night if he got the Trump treatment from the media? I honestly don’t know if he is a bad guy or not because I only ever hear about him through the fake news. His national populism would warrant a massive smear campaign indeed. Xi Jinping told everybody to double down on the reset. Denounced national populism and he absolutely wants everyone to become radicalized about it. He didn’t say that last part in his address but we know how the CCP handles dissenters. He needs everyone to rush and double-down because he can’t feed his people and he is scared they will turn on him. Our Premier of Alberta once again denounced the Great Reset also. He wants our politicians to stop gaslighting us because this is absolutely a real thing and a real threat to our sovereignty. I hope we Wexit because our parliament is full of treasonous bitches.

It’s also curious about Putin because he is standing up to Big Tech, calling them out for trying to rival governments. Like, it was a conspiracy that big tech wants a technocracy but Project Veritas just exposed Facebook for deliberately pushing and shaping their political beliefs on their platforms. They know they’re more powerful than governments and said straight up that they’re waiting for governments to catch up and match their politics. I like Project Veritas, what they’re doing is necessary. It’s just insane that people still refuse to believe that their news is fake even after he exposes it. Project Veritas keeps exposing them for the frauds they are. CNN was caught on audio creating fake news that Trump was a white supremacist. ABC was exposed for burying the Epstein story to protect the Clintons and other elites. They were about the break that story three years before it finally surfaced but they were told to bury it. Even after Epstein was arrested we are still being told that child trafficking among the elites is just a far-right conspiracy. Ghislaine Maxwell should be front-page right now but nope.

This Myanmar situation, it is curious to see how our politicians are reacting. I’m paying attention to the language being used to describe what is happening over there. It’s like an X marks the spot for us, that’s when we know they’re hiding something. They’re calling it a military coup when it’s not. At least, we don’t know that for sure. They are following their constitution over there, their military has evidence that their election was stolen and they are doing their duty. Our politicians are playing judge and jury over here and have already decided that there is no election fraud and that this is a military coup. The Myanmar military over there is disrupting their internet and they took over the broadcasting to inform their citizens that they are in control for a year. They appointed a former vice president, a former general, to be a temporary president so they can peacefully transition the power back to the people. For those of us not in the cable news cult, who question or at least confirm what we’re being told like normal functioning humans, we see an obvious parallel here. The absence of evidence is evidence of absence for the simulated thinkers. The courts in the US did not allow evidence of voter fraud in their courts. Trump claimed to have it all so it is safe to assume that he would have forwarded it to the military. From there, I don’t know what happens next exactly. Something? Nothing?

Trump is prepared to finally show that evidence at his impeachment trial according to his legal team. We’ll see. He has been awfully quiet. We have been wondering if Biden even has control of the military. We’re only hearing that he does. I mean, he invented an Office of the President-Elect so anything can happen. We haven’t seen him on air force one, he’s been around plain shirts and his inauguration aired ten hours earlier in Spain and France, it was pre-recorded. People even had Castle Rock Studios beanies on. I’m not overthinking it, it’s just interesting because I did notice that it was sunny in the footage but cloudy from the news who were recording a crowd from far away. It’s also curious because the following active Twitter accounts do not follow Biden or Harris: U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army Pacific, U.S. Navy, United States Space Force, U.S. Army and U.S. Marines. They all follow Trump and his inner circle so that’s curious. Could be nothing, could be something. We’re in the dark here, for now. The military activity in Washington D.C just has us all scratching our heads. They look ready for kinetic warfare. Nobody is giving anybody solid answers. The legacy media is saying it is to protect Biden from insurrection. The radicalized rhetoric around national populists is unsettling. All the ingredients are there for the Democrats to start attacking conservatives. That’s exactly how every communist takeover ends. What are they building behind that fence? A lot of people are saying that it looks like gallows. They provide pictures and it is convincing but I’m not going to overthink that one either. It’s just curious.

Anyway, on with my day.

Neogy Titwhistle February 02, 2021

Dude, you really need to find a hobby!

simple mind February 02, 2021

Curious indeed. You may look at me and see a written-off Gen-Xer with my head in the sand, but meanwhile I look at you and see someone drowning inside a QAnon vortex that threatens your mental health and personal relationships. All I can say is, take care.

Small Town Girl February 07, 2021

We have such a bad view of Putin based on media coverage, but I've always heard that the Russian people love him. I wonder if that is true.

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