What You Created in Me / Dissertation Continued in Poetry

  • Jan. 30, 2021, 7:50 p.m.
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What You Created in Me [Video]

I’m alone
Covered in darkness
Frozen in time
Considering the options
After the worst
Five years of my life
And if I don’t see
Anything good
I just might die

I continue to suffer
I soak up the rejection
And become the ugliness
You see
Burning and rotting in shame
Because you cannot perceive
What’s been deleted in your head
You already programmed me as dead

I’m sick and tired
Of everything
What have I done
To deserve this fate
I cannot absorb
Anymore suffering or hate
Push me down
A little farther
Cause I’ll hide
In the shadows
Long enough
To witness Osiris
Appearing as a shadowy figure
Holding a heart and feather

All my life
I’ve let everyone
Take their knives
To cut my flesh
For free
And watch my blood
Drain away from me
The scabs and scars
Are sights
I no longer wish to see

I’ll take everyone’s knife
And slit my wrist
I’ll take all the knives
And pierce my flesh
The pain is absolutely free
So don’t close your eyes
I want you to see
What you created in me

Dissertation Continued [Video]

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