Weird Dream in Current Events

  • Jan. 27, 2021, 10:17 a.m.
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I had a weird dream. I think I was doing gay conversion therapy. I was open-minded and I was being conditioned to be able to perform with women. The attraction will never be there but I think I wanted a family in the dream. That’s about all I can remember about it. I think I dreamt about it because I was trying to watch the new Contrapoints upload on Youtube. It was over an hour long and I only lasted twenty minutes. I’ll try again. She was dragging JK Rowling through the mud for being a bigot toward transwomen. A TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist). JK Rowling uses her platform to defend women’s identity, their spaces and their opportunities. That tends to clash with transwomen who want to be recognized as equal to cis women. There is always drama with JK and she will likely be banned from Twitter permanently. If they can do that to a sitting president they can do it to anyone. Twitter sucks anyway. It’s like nobody goes there to be nice to each other. It brings out the worst in people.

Contrapoints went full leftist in her video and so there was a lot of disconnect for me. You either know that trans individuals are being exploited for a political agenda or you don’t. I did watch a Blaire White moment right after, it popped up and she was just responding to trans TikToks that were giving moral ultimatums. It wasn’t anything too special but she brought up the echo chamber that a lot of people put themselves in where every opposing opinion is there to help fuel any victim fantasies that anyone might be living in. I used to be in that echo chamber. I’m still recovering from that leftist brainwash.

The psychological steps that used to be involved in the transgender journey were tied into conversion therapy and then banned and I think that is why I dreamt what I did. I don’t think children should be subjected to conversion therapy but if an adult should want that then in a free society that should be available. I don’t agree that children should be skipping any of the psychological steps that used to be in play before an individual made permanent changes to their body. We’re putting seven-year-olds on chemical menopause, sterilizing them, and then calling it progressive.

People who de-transition are not allowed a platform. It is considered harmful and toxic because it hurts the trans community. Free speech and freedom of expression do not exist on the left. Beyond their own that is. The left has half-ass standards like that these days. If you give people the freedom they will be hateful, that’s the premise. Hand over all of our God-given rights to the government so they can protect our fee-fees. Leftist groups believe they possess the knowledge of good and evil and believe that their knowledge of what is good is sufficient for everybody. This narcissism is fueled by big tech, big media and big government to destabilize society so they can step in a save it. Problem, reaction, solution. The right-wingers which consists of liberal refugees have space for differences of opinion. We believe in unity, not conformity. A lot of those who de-transition had internalized homophobia. I had internalized homophobia when I was in my teens and I used to think that becoming a woman would fix that. I was not exposed to this trans craze, thank god because I was vulnerable enough to get caught up. My sister was a tomboy and in her teens, she used to think that meant she was supposed to be a boy. We grew out of that, we were just kids. Abigail Shrier wrote a book, Irreversible Damage The Trans Craze Seducing Our Daughters. It was very enlightening. She was objective and respectful. It received mixed reactions as you can imagine. Those not in the echo chamber and in the real world can see that this movement is harming children. I always draw the line at children. So many of the leftist issues are harmful to children. They’re all in their echo chambers. They’re living in some made-up hero story.

It’s concerning that religious groups are now being clumped into extremist groups. Evangelical christians and pro-lifers are clumped in with the MAGA movement in a bill that was passed. The MAGA movement is about national populism but it is considered extremist because some groups have been brainwashed to believe that national populism is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic etc. The CCP is in control so it all makes sense. Communist dictators do not want people believing they do not need government and they do not want people believing that there are higher powers than them. They are re-writing the Bible in China to portray Jesus as someone who considers the government laws higher than God’s. Some leftists are starting to see big government and this technocracy as a problem now that big tech is swinging left. ANTIFA groups are being banned. Even Drag Race fan pages are being banned. To stabilize society, after it was ideologically subverted, they end leftism and punish dissenters. I haven’t written America off yet though. I know it’s a defunct government so maybe the military will fulfill their oath here. A girl can hope anyway. Biden is triggering a second awakening. Liars create truth seekers so maybe the truth will unite America. Only the narcissists will be left behind but everybody seems to be learning how to handle narcissists.

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