Oneness versus Duality Cause No 777-888-999-999 in Poetry

  • Jan. 23, 2021, 8:25 p.m.
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The following are my notes from Beyond Vengeance, Beyond Duality by Sylvia Clute

Inscribed on the ancient Egyptian temples are the words nuk pu nuk, meaning “I Am That I Am. “I am” is an announcement of the Absolute, before the existence of the material realm, before any extension into space, and before the bounds of time. The infinite and eternal. The organizing principle of Oneness is a manifestation in our realm of this transcendent, unified Oneness.

All religions teach Oneness.

Duality’s pattern of violence answered by more violence mirrors its image of God. Only in worshipping duality’s God, constantly locked in a battle with evil, could we fashion a remedy for harm done that involves hurting others, and then excuse our own harmful acts. Only in duality can there be a war between “my God” and “your God. Only in duality can there be war.

The conflicting images of humankind can only be resolved by understanding that they reflect two mind-sets, the underlying structures of Oneness and duality.

Eve is an ancient word for “breath” or “the living soul.” Adam calls her Eve because she is the mother of all living things, just as our thoughts are the cause of all that we manifest. Adam means “earth” or “physical being.”

A serpent tells Eve that the fruit of the forbidden tree will make them as gods–knowing good and evil. What Eve did not understand was that to think both good and evil are true is to be deceived, to enter into separation or duality. Adam and Eve’s story warns about the danger of dividing the world into good versus evil, us versus them, man against woman, nation against nation. Such beliefs contradict Oneness.

“the Lord God cause a deep sleep to fall upon Adam,” but no reference was ever made to him waking up. The time is at hand for Adam and Eve to awaken.

There is a God

You are all locked in your homes because you fear something you cannot see.

Quantum physics suggests that beyond the physical phenomena of the universe exists an infinite unified source of existence, a vast wholeness that contains all that is on every level.

The new science of quantum physics is rapidly deconstructing the old reality of separation and fragmentation, two characteristics essential to sustaining duality and justifying punitive justice. Oneness is taking its place as the new reality.

The holographic theory of the universe is showing us that separation is an illusion–there is no divide.

The well-being of every institution depends on the well-being of every individual that it touches and every function it serves.

The demands of the Industrial Revolution put pressure on the decentralized delivery of governmental services, forcing government organizations to change–all in the name of material reality. Our governmental system went from a loosely connected grid of small central governments with limited authority to an ever-growing centralized bureaucracy.

Today the purpose of government and education is to serve the needs of the bureaucratic structures, and not, as the founding fathers had envisioned, as serving the needs and interests of all people. Democracy fell short of its hoped-for transformation as the industrial hierarchy replaced the monarch, still leaving the interests of the people marginalized.

It has been observed that when a particle is split and the two parts locate to different places in the universe, a change in the spin on one part results in an instantaneous change in the spin of the second part in an identical way, without time lapsing for information to travel from one part to the other. They operate within a greater whole that we do not yet understand.

movies you didn’t know Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin produced

Scientists have discovered that the quantum realm is holographic, meaning that each part, while appearing to be a separate event, is a microcosm of the whole–everything is inextricably linked. Thus, quantum physics is disproving the theory that we live in separation, unconnected to others, and unaffected by what happens to them. Instead, as you do to others, you literally do to yourself. There is no division between the observer and the observed because the act of observing changes both the observer and the observed, making objective reality impossible to observe. Rather, both observer and observed are merging and interpenetrating aspects of the one whole reality, which is indivisible and unanalysable. Oneness can be real.

Physicist Fred Alan Wolf:

“If you have fearful images, they tend to come into reality; whatever you can imagine begins to appear as if we called it into existence…The universe says whatever you create as imaginary, so will it be. Why? Because at the core of the universe at its most fundamental level, it is not solid stuff. It is not hard reality. It is capable of forming reality into whatever our images produce.

All political and social systems are produced this way. They are all magnifications of this basic misunderstanding of this hidden aspect of reality. If people could comprehend the imaginal element in all matter, then what they envision would eventually come to pass…It may or may not come to pass at this instant, but it begins to manifest at the level of dreams.

The next steps in human evolution are, 46+2, in the depths of human consciousness, as we learn to intentionally activate the principle of Oneness.

The Old Order of Duality must go away before humanity becomes extinct.

The New Order of Oneness must prevail.

When duality is the path chosen at the national level, the scope of the harm done is magnified.


Duality uses fear to provoke action. For nearly forty years, to get themselves elected, U.S. politicians have used the get-tough-punitive approach to crime to convert complex problems into simple slogans that play on our fear of crime. They didn’t tell us that their get-tough-on-crime policies had little effect on the rate of violent crime. They are primarily locking up nonviolent offenders. 84% of the prison population are nonviolent. What do politicians continue to do–well use fear to get elected to pass more laws and adopt policies that take the punitive form of justice to greater and greater extremes.

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