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  • Jan. 22, 2021, 2:55 p.m.
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What a treat, we have permission to add two more individuals to our bubble in my province. Whatever that means. I don’t need my mother to have an aneurysm if I visited my grandmother without her permission so we talked about it. They might come over for a visit this weekend. I want to get that image out of my head of my mother parading my grandmother around the city so she could wave to us from the car on Christmas. She even made her wear a mask. She has COPD! I am just so deeply grateful that my grandmother is not in a long care home. My mother is in charge of my grandmother’s medical decisions and there is some tension between my mother and I because my grandmother does not want the vaccine and my mother is going to make her get it and I called that out. The news says it’s safe, end of story. For her anyway.

I’m not GenX and up, I didn’t fail to modernize and I can get informed without the news. This has been a huge political issue, conservatives are outperforming Liberals in the news and information department. Not that is a partisan issue, per se, but the counter-narrative is a lot louder and you either know that legacy media is left-wing activism or you don’t. CNN was just crying about it, the leader of the National Socialist Woke Party of America AOC is demanding that the government silence the opposition completely. She also wants to deprogram them through re-education camps and wants to liberate the south from capitalism. She is a dangerous commie, keep an eye on her. The radical left is one charismatic leader away from becoming full you-know-what. You either see that they have all the ingredients for Nazism or you don’t. Thanks to the CCP! Here in Chinada, my government is going to protect Chindians from hate speech and misinformation by dictating what information we talk about and what information we look at. Disagreeing with their far-left radical ideologies is incitement and questioning the safety of vaccines is sedition and this is all going to be crimes soon enough. How can people not see what is happening here? Literally, they’re celebrating as their freedoms are being stripped away. I’m so embarrassed of them. I am prepared to be a prisoner of conscience one day because every single leftist issue hurts children and I will not just accept this live and let live attitude that most Chinadians have. I am what the Central Bankers would call a wasteful eater because I am not a sheeple, I’m a dissenter. Also because I’m not caucasian. You either know about the bankstas or you don’t.

Most of Gen X failed to modernize, they’re digitally illiterate and don’t know how to unbake a fake news cake. Real-life is not for them. Millennials killed cable news, it’s hanging on by a thread. My Prime Minister was bragging about how our cable news is so nice to him because he pays them 600 billion a year. The real conspiracy theory is that the news would never lie and that the government cares about you. These cable news cultists are addicted to the kool-aid. They can’t get enough of the fear porn. Yes! Keep me traumatized! Put that rhetoric in me! They think they’re actually being informed and that everyone else is crazy. They are victims. They are being kept dumbed down and dependant and I need to remind myself of that because I don’t want to hold anger and hate in my heart toward them. Frustrating as they are. They may or may not wake up on their own. I pray for that at least.

The narratives are being built, I think we will be retiring con-19 soon. There hasn’t been a vaccine mandate yet though. The previous narratives convinced the cultists that a new experimental and dangerous vaccine was the messiah that was going to deliver them back to normal. My province received the first batch, we have centres everywhere and our morality is being dragged because not enough of us have been rushing out to get it. You do not have to be an anti-vaxxer to be hesitant about this one. No mam. Speaking of anti-vaxxers, there was a huge win for the movement. Informed Consent Action Network took Big Pharma to court to make them prove that vaccines do not cause autism. They failed miserably. This is important because the CDC claims that vaccines do not cause autism. Absence of evidence is evidence of absence for these evil scientists, fact-checkers and cable news cultists. It is a baseless claim officially. It is no longer a fact, it is no longer settled science and they redacted that statement from their site. It still says there is no link between the two which just means that they did not do the science. The cult doctors cannot scoff, laugh and blame the babies anymore whenever parents report it now. Of course, they still will.

The WHO suddenly discovered that the PCR is faulty and wants everyone to reduce the thresholds… I don’t have a medical degree and I have been saying this for months! Our numbers are going to drop. This was a casedemic and had nothing to do with a virus. You either figured that out or you didn’t. I can’t believe there are actually people who believe that a government needs to protect them from a cough and diarrhea. How do adults have such a stunted development of personal responsibility? We are sovereign! We cut seniors off from society until they lost their will to live and we thought that was a great idea. I don’t even want to be nice about it with those… brainwash victims who want us all to live like Anne Frank for them. And these mask virtue signallers, if aliens are looking for intelligent life in the universe they would have skipped earth. Mask mandates were considered dangerous in the 2003 SARS outbreak because of the moisture. Dr. Fauci even wrote a paper in 2008 in which he inadvertently “debunked” the 1918 Spanish flu. He discovered that it was predominately bacterial pneumonia which is awkward because everybody was using the 1918 mask mandates to virtue signal. Let’s synthesize an original thought without the news together, we just need to put two and two together. I’ll give you a hint: what is the relationship between bacteria and moisture?

Whatever, I don’t care. I’m experiencing a bit of nihilism but it will pass. Blue pilling would make life easier. Cerebral constitution is overrated lol. Can you believe that there are people who actually run information through fact-checkers? I had this awkward moment the other day. I commented on my cousin’s post that was about vaccines. I brought up the 3150 left paralyzed and unable to perform daily activities from the con-19 vaccine. One of his friends who works around healthcare workers came at me like I was his secretary demanding that I source what I said because it would be very concerning if the news wasn’t talking about it. I’m not your news research it yourself is what I wanted to say but I obliged. I sent him a link to it and he rejected it because it wasn’t a trusted source. He ran it through fact-checkers and the source was fact-checked and not the content. Sure, I sent him an article but it had a link to the CDC website which had the stats he was looking for. I sent him the CDC link and he didn’t respond. I assumed he had a neurological collapse realizing that his news wasn’t informing him correctly. I think I was right about that because he started to DM my cousin saying that I am spreading misinformation. We grown folk but alright. My cousin was asking me what he should say to his friend there and I told him to ignore him he will go away. We’re not responsible for his cognitive dissonance. A complete neurological collapse is how the red pilling starts. Maybe he will start questioning the narratives now. It’s easier to fool a person than to convince them that they have been fooled. Putting myself through cognitive dissonance is like my toxic trait now lol. I was talking with my friend who is a chiropractor about these mainstream cult doctors. We talked about how insane it is that all natural healing modalities are considered pseudoscience. My red pill moment was from claims that there was no diet that could protect anyone from con-19. I thought that would be easy to debunk as this virus was only a threat to those with largely preventable, treatable and reversible underlying conditions but nope. Diets are fatphobic and nutrition is being politically assassinated to make room for fat acceptance. Now here I am at the bottom of the rabbit hole. Everything I thought I knew was a lie. This isn’t a bad thing, per se. I feel alive now knowing that I don’t know. Which is enlightenment, essentially. Seeking the truths is fun, ish. Ok, I’ll get on with my day now. I haven’t written here in a long while lol.

synapse January 22, 2021

I didn't know AOC had her own party? Can you let her know I'm available to leave the Democrats and fight for socialism? thanks

Small Town Girl January 22, 2021

Blue pilling would be easier indeed. Sadly I am too smart for it, I'd never stand it.

TommyGnosis Small Town Girl ⋅ January 25, 2021

I feel the same way too. Maybe the re-education camps will be a success lol

Small Town Girl TommyGnosis ⋅ January 27, 2021

Haha oh God.

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