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  • Jan. 21, 2021, 12:11 p.m.
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What a week and it is not even over. Life has never been this crazy, both my personal and work world seem to be spinning out of control. The annual meeting is right around the corner and I know I have it under control but I feel like it is spinning out of control. Kind of a hard feeling to explain. We had a wild week last week traveling from one side of the state to the other filming video for our annual meeting. For the most part it went well and we got some really good footage of the President but shit hit the windshield when it came to the CEO. I don’t know what happened but the video did not capture the audio and the main speech did not capture at all. We are going to have to rerecord him over a zoom call and it is not going to look anywhere near as good. Overall the trip went smoothly. An overnight stay in Orlando and then a 6.5 hour drive north and back. We made a “quick” stop in Jacksonville for Bojangles and that is 45 minutes of my life I will never get back. I believe my partner got the poor boy fired because we saw him walking towards his car when we were leaving. Don’t get me wrong he sucked but I hate to see anyone get fired. Don’t ever stop at the Bojangles in Jacksonville.
We got back late Thursday and I started looking over all the captured footage. I have spent this week editing it down to around 4 takes of different qualities. The Boss man is going to look them over today and say what parts from each take he wants to use. With luck I can have the Presidents speech wrapped and ready to be viewed by Monday morning. My stress level is through the roof.

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