Justice Emanates from Love in Poetry

  • Jan. 21, 2021, 5:06 a.m.
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The following are my notes from Beyond Vengence, Beyond Duality

Justice Emanates from Love

Equity and balance are integral to its process, enabling this system to embrace ever-changing possibilities without diminishing anyone’s power. In this form of justice, all participants honor one another, enhancing harmony and goodwill in their interpersonal relations. Forgiving the past is mutually beneficial so that the present leads to a future free of anyone’s bondage. Such justice emanates from love.

Humanity sees duality

Humanity is blind to Oneness

Our tax dollars pay to incarcerate 1 in every 53 adults in their 20s

America locks away the combined prison population of China and Russia.

Our prison system basically takes care of the mentally ill since a majority of the prison population has a mental illness. This means that our mental health system has failed.

America does not face its problems

That would just be too hard

America would more rather lock you up, throw away the key, and erase you from their memory.

The legal system is not alone in causing deeply felt pain and dysfunction. Many of us feel forced to choose between what our inner voice tells us and what our job requires.

When we declare that we want justice

We announce that we want to get even

Our Egos have always been the problem

We complain bitterly about the harm done by others, while justifying the harm done by us

What we call justice is who has the better story.

How can our court system understand the TRUTH when it is not interested in the truth. Attorneys control the narrative in a dualistic approach with a God versus Satan battle. The system doesn’t want you to be honest because it will punish you.

We operate in a deeply flawed system. It is a fear-based, fragmented system of rigid mental concepts, often justified merely by virtue of the fact that this is how it has always been done. Separation among individuals and between communities is reinforced at every turn. We all pay.

Despite our efforts to keep it out of sight and out of mind, our financial structures, religious institutions, educational systems, business practices, health care, and politics are all experiencing breakdown similar to that happening in the legal arena. When we look deeper, we start to see common elements that permeate the whole.

What you think is over has really just been born. The world will change, the Old System will fall, and New Beginning will be ushered in.

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