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Staying caught up on my entries clearly didn’t happen. UGH. At least they’re all written. Regardless of how long they took to put up.

I woke up around 10 today. Protector and I were playing Maneater. He ended up eating a bunch of people and getting his infamy up so we could level up fast. Every time he died, I’d go through and become a threat again so they’d come after us again. This probably makes no sense if you don’t know the game but you’re a shark and doing various water-related missions. I like it a lot. I especially like playing games with Protector. I always enjoy anything we do together but especially that. Protector and I played Maneater for a long time and I got tired. I forget what he put on TV but I was reading things on my phone. I was in ~that~ kind of mood so I teased him and this is more a timeframe for a private entry. heh. 😅 Anyway, We got up and Mom took us to go get MW around 4:45 so he could work on Protector’s car. He, of course, wasn’t ready. I met his friend Autumn and played with DG’s dog a little bit while he finished his cigarette. We stopped at his house to get the part and then we went home. Once we got there, the two of them got the tire off the car and MW (still working on a name for him) started to take things apart but he realized he needed a few tools that he didn’t have. Mom, Protector, and I ended up bringing him home around then. He borrowed A’s car and went to his grandparents to get the tools he needed and came back. I forget what time he ended up coming back but he went back to working on the car while Protector paced and I looked in the shed for a couple other things that might be helpful. It took a long time but he managed to get the part he needed off, off. He also managed to make his knuckle bleed. Like dripping blood. It was about 15 minutes of that shit before he finally listened to me telling him to wrap it. I fully recognize that mechanics get hurt frequently but like. I’mma mom at him anyway haha. He ended up leaving sometime after 10 to take the part to his grandparents. He needed to use the air compressor but ended up having to wait until tomorrow because it’s loud and his grandparents are worried about him waking the neighbors.

Protector and I went inside and talked a little bit. I curled up so my head was on his stomach with one arm under him and one arm around his waist. I was freezing my ass off despite the 3 blankets and hat I had on me. It took a lot time for me to get a comfortable temperature. I napped lightly for a bit off and on. MW texted me to let me know he wasn’t coming back around 11:15. I came upstairs to talk to my brother and eat something. I was still super cold so I ended up making a can of broccoli and cheese soup. I went back downstairs at some point and I was just too cold and tired to type anything

I’m am grateful for:

1.) Mom for taking us to pick up MW
2.) Mom for taking us to drop MW back off
3.) Fun times with Protector
4.) MW for working on Protector’s car
5.) Protector for letting me leech his warm even though he was in a bad mood and stressed
6.) Warm blankets
7.) Heatable turtle. Seriously, I was wearing 2 jackets and still freezing. This helped.
8.) Playing lots of Maneater with Protector.
9.) Being able to find helpful tools without too much of a search or hassle
10.) DG and MW’s grandpa for letting him borrow the tools to fix the focus

Good/Happy/Positive/Surprising things that happened today:

1.) Tons of Maneater with Protector
2.) That one thing I can’t write about here
3.) Coco loving me and wanting to eat Protector. It was too funny and he didn’t take it personally
4.) Protector, Mom, and MW in the car all laughing and joking around
5.) Shooting Star coming on the radio. I haven’t heard that song in probably over 10 years. Mom and I were both taken aback by it.
6.) Giving MW a hard time about how he couldn’t have one of my Bang
7.) Getting some good pictures of the 4 cats sleeping around us on the bed last night
8.) DG’s daughter coming up to me and hugging me excitedly even though I was only there for minutes
9.) Protector letting me leech his warms even though he was in a bad mood and stressed. I needed that. Both for warm and for de-anxietying purposes
10.) MW loving the book that Protector and I gave him. Seriously he lit up like a damned christmas tree when he saw it. I’m so happy he likes it

Goals I had for today:
-Finish at least 3 things on the master to-do list
-Work on the other to-do list
-Make the when we watched what movie list
-Start setting up my 2021 journal
-Have MW work on Protector’s car
-Start trying to work on better routines
-Make grocery shopping list

Things I accomplished today:
-Have MW start working on Protector’s car
-Played Maneater with Protector
-Giving all the cats their wormer

Goals for tomorrow:
-Have MW work on Protector’s car
-Hang out with MW depending on how fixing the car goes
-Sort Champion’s Path
-Put missing Champion’s Path cards on Pokellector

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