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I ended up falling asleep around 11 something last night. I woke up at like 6:25, gave all the animals dry food, took my nighttime pill, and drank an entire yoohoo in like 10 seconds. I curled back up with protector and went back to sleep. We woke up a few times to adjust how we were laying but didn’t actually wake up until around 10:20. I rolled Protector over to put my head on his chest and he moved in such a way that made me uncomfortable so I grumbled at him made a noise and rolled back over. He asked me why and I told him and he said “come back then”. When I did he put his arm back around me. He played Maneater with his arms around me like that for a little while. I’d told him I was hungry and when he went upstairs he came back with a blueberry bagel for me. We passed the controller back and forth for a while, we’d switch whenever we had to respawn. I got sleepy so I ended up taking my glasses off and rolling over on my side. He took his off too and made me little spoon but his arm was under my side instead of my neck where it usually is. I teased him a bit and the rest of this chunk of time is for…not here. Anyway, We got up to take the Barbecrew to the vet and Pork was hiding but I tricked him by opening a can of cat food. Macaroni and Cheese hid in the back of the crate the whole way to the vet. It was like they’d shrank. We got gas and off we went. The vet appointment didn’t take as long as I thought it would. We ended up getting food on the way home. He wanted tacos and I wanted wendys. We went to KFC/taco bell and he got his tacos and some cinnatwists for both of us. At wendys we both got a baked potato and I got my usual and a chocolate frosty. We ate my fries on the way home. Once we got home, we ate and then hung out in the living room for a while. He went downstairs and I finished typing yesterday’s entry (I’m getting better at being on time…kinda). Once I came downstairs we gave the kittens their wormer, I fed everyone, and then we settled in to play more Maneater. He was starting to get too tired so he put on West Coast Customs and we curled up together. He had the heavy shark behind my back which was annoying because I wanted his arm around me but he fell asleep and woke back up a little so I moved it and he put his arms back around me. He was super restless until then though. He was also whimpering and talking in his sleep which he doesn’t usually do. He settled down once we were curled up together. I was awake for a long time after.

I’m am grateful for:

1.) Spending quality time with Protector
2.) CAT paying for the kittens vet bills
3.) Playing Maneater
4.) Little moments with Protector
5.) Actually getting some good sleep for once
6.) Mom for getting the pepper for Asher
7.) Managing to catch Macaroni and Cheese when they freaked out at the worm medicine
8.) Kitten cuddles
9.) MW even if all we talked about today was washing machines
10.) Having a good day overall

Good/Happy/Positive/Surprising things that happened today:

1.) “Come back then”
2.) Passing the controller back and forth each time one of us had to respawn while playing Maneater
3.) I told him I was hungry and when he went upstairs he came back with a bagel for me
4.) This one thing that I’m uncomfortable writing here.
5.) A couple new things that I’ll write in an entry with the one above.
6.) The vet loving the kittens names and the techs laughing at barbecrew and loving it
7.) MW and I communicating entirely in GIFs and then talking about washing machine springs
8.) Macaroni and Cheese poking at me through the cage when we got home
9.) Pork and Beans being extra cuddly
10.) Just a really good day

Goals I had for today:
-Get some sleep
-Take kittens for their appointment
-Write an entry
-Take it easy

Things I accomplished today:
-Got some sleep
-Took kittens for their appointment
-Wrote an entry
-Spent some quality time with Protector

Goals for tomorrow:
-Survive day 2 of work
-Write an entry

Goodnight <3

P.S. I should be back to writing entries on the actual day. I’m just happy I’ve kept up with these this long. I like remembering what happened what day.

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