She Cannot Escape in Poetry

  • Dec. 27, 2020, 9:03 p.m.
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She tattoos her face
Hiding the sin
Her past cannot erase
She’s trapped in time
Lost inside her mind
Confused and dazed
Selling her soul
To escape the horrible pain

I’ve seen her face
The one she tries to hide
In the darkness of night
Her sapphire eyes
Tease only what
She wants you to see
As she becomes the dream
Love was meant to be

I want to tell her
Everything will be okay
As long as you believe
In what you say
Leave the past behind
But she’s afraid of everything
That is not inside her cage
Creating a world of depression
Creating a world of loneliness
Refusing to see anything
She can never believe

I’ve told her
The stars don’t get
Any closer
When you are lost in space
I’ve told her
This world
Is only what you create
She’s traumatized by an illusion
She cannot escape

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