Bizarre in Book Seven: Reconstruction 2020

  • Dec. 18, 2020, 7:45 p.m.
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It is bizarre that this would be a thing for me, but since tightening security (needed) on my PB space… I don’t show up on the Front Page anymore. It’s ridiculous that such a small thing would be a thing for me. But it is. It was a nice way of seeing myself as “part of the community” and was a good way to judge “how many others have written since I posted?” Weird thing. But… it’s me. I get to be weird :)

Starhawk December 18, 2020

I see you on the front page. But that might be due to my being in the secret club.

Park Row Fallout Starhawk ⋅ December 18, 2020

Nah, I just set this entry to Open, lol But yeah, you're in the secret club :)

❤️vee December 18, 2020

my "members only" entries show up on the front page, but my "friends only" ones do not.

AppleGirl December 18, 2020

I have literally never bothered to notice myself on the front page.

DE_KentuckyGirl December 19, 2020

That's what bookmarks are for, baby!

On a serious note, I have noticed FO dont seem to show up on the front page when I post. On DE, they did but ONLY for you and your authorized readers. It didn't show for anyone else

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