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  • Dec. 2, 2020, 11:16 p.m.
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Hello, all! Professor Giraffe here, coming at you from Fact University (go Fighting Facts!) with my first fact! Where did the idea for the alcohol flask come from?

Great question! It dates back to the Wild West (I don’t dabble in numbers) when cowpeople of all ages had only two methods of taking liquor with them: the first was a hearty, 20 gallon barrel and the second was in their own cupped hands (or for those who could afford it, their servants’ hands). As you can imagine, this was tremendously inconvenient for cowfolk who were always on the move; add to that the well-known fact that, in the wild west, everybody was always shooting their guns for no reason whatsoever and you have a recipe for frustration. Ultimately, it was a famous cowlord who shall remain unnamed but likely had a very cowhuman-like name such as Leather Ass-Chaps, who came up with the idea of putting his liquor in a metal container. You see, Leather was inspired to this when an attempt to destroy a rival cowcarbon-basedlifeforms gun by shooting it with his and seeing it had little impact. And now you know how the flask came to be!

Fun side fact: This invention reached peak popularity in prohibition era when mobsters would sew dozens of pockets in their trenchcoats and fill those pockets with flasks to protect themselves (as people back then were constantly shooting tommyguns for no reason). This would ultimately inspire the creation of the bullet-proof vest!

Did you enjoy this completely factual fact? What fact would you like to know next?

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