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  • Nov. 24, 2020, 5:05 a.m.
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I just had this dream.

I got up and was on my way to work. I worked in the office side of a casino. I don’t think I usually went in the casino side to go to work, but I knew if I got on a particular elevator I’d be ok.

I saw a bunch of folks I worked with and was like I will see y’all in a minute. There was a woman, a casino guest, who was trying to like over take me walking, being inconsiderate and push past me. It was like we were supposed to be social distancing and that particular move triggered me and I said, “Nuh uh, Bitch! Get out the way!” And then I rushed forward and never looked back.

Then I realized this woman was following me. I put my badge in my shirt, bypassed the elevator I was suppose to get on and kept moving so she wouldn’t realize I worked here. There was a guy who recognized me from riding on the bus. He was like I was famous and he knew who I was. I told him I guess when you see someone for over 20 years I guess you do know me. I was trying to lose this woman and told him to chill because I didn’t want to lose my job because I called this woman out of her name. He understood and said he would see me around . I was successful at losing the woman, but became lost myself.

I was roaming over all parts of this casino. My fear then became me being fired as a no call no show. Even though people had seen me, I still hadn’t shown up. I remember I got frustrated and then I saw my brother G. I was saying I didn’t know what was wrong with me and I honestly didn’t know how to get to my office. I kept running into people who either were not listening to me when I said I needed help, or who thought they were helping me but it was useless guidance. So G walked me to a door and I thought I knew where I was going, but ended up kind of lost again.

I was walking across the front plaza and saw my cousin and her family doing a praise dance and making a video of it. I couldn’t walk the way I wanted to and was forces to go around onto the sidewalk, which was like street level. Walking along I saw my stepmother sitting on a bench listening to the song they were dancing to and enjoying herself. She was not a help either.

My fear of being fired was growing because I was like an hour late. I ended up at this alley. It was a typical alley wasn’t a big deal. Once out on the street, there was a dog gonna frail chain. I could have sworn his owner was telling him to get me, but when the dog broke loose, I had this meat and bone thing to give it and it settled down and walked away.

There was a building I walked in, I went up the stairs and it was like this was my office building. I just needed to find my boss. I ran into so many people and they were like we were looking for you. And I was like yeah that’s fine but I need my boss, who was a member at church. I kept going through different departments and still never made it to my office nor did I find my boss.

I think I reached what was finally my office or my home. Not quite sure. My family was there. It was some kids I don’t know in my waking life, and my husband was, of all people, Chance Brown, husband of Tabitha Brown influencer/actress/internet personality and connoisseur of a tomato sandwich.

I was crying and the kids were fussing at me about disappearing and he was telling me about how worried everyone was. I was trying to tell him what was happening and he would interject so he could voice his opinion. I started to get frustrated again because he was not listening to me and I yelled at him to just listen and stop trying to analyze and just listen to me.

I kind of drifted awake. I have to talk to someone about it.

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