NoJoMo2020 #21 in Surveys

  • Nov. 21, 2020, 4:08 a.m.
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21 - Recommend five (5) books to read.

Haha unless you’re gay, these won’t be very good recommendations 😅 They’re pretty much all I read! Having said that, I don’t read a lot so I’d rather read other people’s answers to this one.

1 - L Frank Baum - The Wonderful Wizard Of Oz

This is the book I loved reading over and over as a kid. Hopefully I don’t need to say what it’s about

2 - Alasdair Duncan - Metro

This book is the second novel from Alasdair, whom writes about men’s fictional life experiences, but what appeals to me about it is it’s set in my home city of Brisbane. There was a hot scene in this of a sexually confident straight guy whom nonchalantly uses a gay guy at a party for sex lol. It’s a lot of drugs, fun, issues and life, really.
Sushi Central was his first novel which listed venues around my city (some still around but most no longer around) and had more of a gay character.

3 - Emily Rodda - Finders Keepers

This authors name is actually Jennifer Rowe, but I found out she wrote her young -adult books under this name. Man I remember being obsessed with this story about computer games, prizes and parallel universes. It’s a shame I never read more of her books and now I should get into her adult books.

4 - Craig Silvey - Jasper Jones

This has been made into a movie! I quite enjoyed this story and the special bond between two friends. He’s got a new one out I’m keen to read

5 - The Bible

Seriously, has anyone read this shit!? People base their entire lives on this book! Man these authors had an imagination writing about creation, life starting from a man and a woman whom had two sons (ummm, incest much?), giants and normal people fighting (great underdog story!), whales eating people, parting oceans, figures appearing in burning bushes and giving out 10 life-rules, earth-wiping-out floods, immaculate conception (Joseph must have been PISSED), pigs(?) blood on doors to avoid a deadly plague killing your kids lol, betrayal, turning water into wine, feeding thousands with 2 loaves of bread and 5 fish, hanging out with 12 other men (“One of you will betray me!”) and noone being suspicious, dying and coming back to life to save other people’s sins lol, people living to 900+ years old (what happened!?)… And this is all before we get to the Armageddon that is the book of Revelation.

Sleepy-Eyed John November 21, 2020

The Bible, Torah, Quran etc were the highest moral reasoning for the time and I have read promoted pro-social values.

As for pig's blood Mosaic Law is 1/3rd about hygiene. "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." And at that time animals and humans lived together in crowded cities for the first time in history. Disease was rampant and I think I read that 40% of people died.

So biblical writings about pork, adultery, even homosexuality were at least partly about preventing disease transmission.

It's why the Jewish survived and flourished when others didn't.

I think the Bible is beneficial to some people although I'm not religious myself so I try to be understanding.

I also agree a lot is far fetched. I think the fact that people are still confused about the mysteries of life means we shouldn't feel too arrogant about what we now know and take for granted.

That said I think the top two books sound interesting but I probably wouldn't read them myself.

Too many damn books to read as it is. :)

Deleted user November 21, 2020

Why do you think that these books should not be recommended to gay people?

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