The Bible, Torah, Quran etc were the highest moral reasoning for the time and I have read promoted pro-social values.

As for pig's blood Mosaic Law is 1/3rd about hygiene. "Cleanliness is next to Godliness." And at that time animals and humans lived together in crowded cities for the first time in history. Disease was rampant and I think I read that 40% of people died.

So biblical writings about pork, adultery, even homosexuality were at least partly about preventing disease transmission.

It's why the Jewish survived and flourished when others didn't.

I think the Bible is beneficial to some people although I'm not religious myself so I try to be understanding.

I also agree a lot is far fetched. I think the fact that people are still confused about the mysteries of life means we shouldn't feel too arrogant about what we now know and take for granted.

That said I think the top two books sound interesting but I probably wouldn't read them myself.

Too many damn books to read as it is. :)