My Suicidal Melody in Poetry

  • Nov. 19, 2020, 9:34 p.m.
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I’m so drugged and relaxed
I wish you could see
My blood drip off
Various parts of my skin
I wish you could be here
So you can see
I can be ignorant and bliss
And I wish
You could see my artistic death

I’m the one
You read on the computer screen
I’m the one
Writing this poetry
To tease and please
Your sadistic lust
So follow me
Into the whispers of the night
So I can provide
The masochistic fantasies
That echo your plight

I’ve downloaded your memories
Sad historic tragedies
Sleepless nights
And heavy eyes
Betrayed by sunlight
Cursed by the revenge you seek
Cursed to provide hate
To those with a better fate

Every day
Men and women
Seek the orgies of love
The fantastic illusion
Painted in memories
While greed and power
Steal your souls away
Advertising diseases
Until you sell it for reasons
Poisoning yourself
With the thought of bliss
As you try to masturbate
The loneliness away
Until you wake up
And find yourself one day

I’m writing the melody
Of my suicide
From day to night
And as long as I live
My life
I’ll absorb your hate
And be the blame
I’ll kill and reinvent myself
To shed my name
I am nothing and everything
Just a hallucination you perceive
Seeded by the words
You provide me

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