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  • Nov. 19, 2020, 7:16 p.m.
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Oops, I just made my sister cry. I do live with her and her family and she’s been so strung out lately I can barely stand it. I told her that I am here, I get that she wants to be miss independent when her husband works out of town but I can help with whatever she needs. She just needs to ask. Big stuff, small stuff I’m perfectly capable. I used to be a godsend to her, so to speak but when Matt started working out of town while she was on maternity leave with her second she went into miss independent mode. She is on a mission to prove that she can do it. I absolutely did become dead weight after that but I am a resource that she has available during these crazy times. She can’t get structure in this casedemic so she is going through a litany of emotions right now. Me too. I worry myself sick, literally, for my niece and nephews future. For all children really. I don’t know what it is but children suddenly seem extremely valuable to me as if they’re the only thing worth fighting for right now. I want to give all parents the world so they can give their children everything. They’re how we build a world in our image. My heart breaks when I think about the future for my niece and nephew. I don’t know what it is going to be.

What I mean by worried sick, literally is that I have an appointment with my doctor over the phone next week about my thyroid. We were keeping an eye on it but then this plandemic happened.

We’re mini-Melbourne after today. Ok, not that bad. At least full socialism. My premier has now decided that he will tell us what we can purchase. So, not just essential businesses open but essential items only. We’re also not allowed to have extra people in our homes. He’s offering bridge financing to businesses so by the end of this there will be even more government-owned businesses. We’re also the first province with open isolation camps. Still, the government says it’s a conspiracy to the camera even though they tweet about them. Digital media has been in and out of my province showing them. The gov is also not telling us who they are for. Pallister, my premier, wants us to report on our neighbours while he is away in Costa Rica during the international travel ban. One set of rules for us, another for the elites. I guess we better get used to social credit. That is the staple that the World Economic Forum wants for the west. This morning, I saw some propaganda from NBC that was posted a year ago. They were trying to paint China’s social credit as a paradise. The first thing I noticed in that segment was how spaced out everyone was. 2 meters apart so the facial recognition could work. Whatever, I just did some panic buying. Preparing for the blackout that the World Economic Forum predicted. It’s now a baseless far-right conspiracy what my Prime Minister said on the video about how he wants to take Canada to the great reset. Even though it is right in front of everyone’s eyes people still don’t believe it. The WEF gleefully said that there will be a cyber pandemic that will shut down our power grids. We’ll at least lose internet and communications. We’ll strictly just get information from the government. O’Chinada

Leanne, my bestie, started texting me. She’s frustrated because she can’t get her parents o see what we see. They will only accept a fact if CNN tells them to. I called my grandmother, she’s well. I called my mother, she’s pretending to be well with me. She’s a mess with my sister’s. It’s no secret what I feel about current events so we saved face and avoided politics. It’s hard to pretend that the world is that small right now. My sister’s boyfriend, not the sister I live with but the sociopath… I mean the recovering addict is starting to red pill. After all the shade he threw at me online for shaming virtue signallers he is starting to see that the news is fake and lying to him. I feel like the truthers that eased me into this rabbit hole. Just spoon-feeding him while he resists. I don’t agree with everything but… As I once was. Now I just don’t know what to believe. That’s the bullshit right there lol. ok, I’m drunk writing. I’m unhinged if we hadn’t noticed.

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Silver Satan November 20, 2020

I didn't know any of this, I had to look it up. (Not because I don't trust you) Just because I was in such disbelief.. Holy shit. -extra hugs- Highway to hell Canada and the US. North Korea here we come. -sigh-

Small Town Girl November 22, 2020

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