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  • Nov. 17, 2020, 8:35 p.m.
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I know I wasn’t the only one e-mailing federal ministers offices in a panic asking them to denounce this great reset. To stop it and help us save our country. If you haven’t heard yet, my prime minister in Canada exposed the UN’s plan to use this pandemic to create a new world order. It’s not just Canada, it’s everyone but Trump. The truth is coming to light now. This is not a drill, it’s no longer a conspiracy. I wrote about it in my previous entry. This is only the tip of this iceberg. Their whole plan is the most sinister and most evil thing that will ever happen to humanity and we need to stop it.

If you can, please sign his petition:

I was tagged in a clip to watch a rabbi speak of what is happening. He gave the math of when their end of days is. It’s in 11 months after a 9 month regime of evil. That’s when their messiah will bring redemption so we are to read the Torah to make that redemption as smooth as possible. They believe he is already here. He may or may not know his purpose. I don’t know what else to do, screaming online isn’t working. I’ll turn to god. I’ll turn to the Torah. The most powerful thing is the mouth, all the things you can speak into existence. I guess.

I can only hope that this effort from the conservatives is sincere and that the opposition party is not in on it. It is clear that Harper signed us up so I can only assume the leader of the opposition is on board. Someone needs to step up and stop it. Pierre seems genuinely blindsided in this clip. Leslyn Lewis is the only one to openly speculate and write about this secret society and their socialist plan. Put her in charge of the country! Ugh, she almost won too. Dominion probably helped O’Toole steal it. Ugh

Small Town Girl 7 days ago

Are you sure signing that thing wont put you on an automatic list for the concentration camps?

TommyGnosis Small Town Girl ⋅ 5 days ago

I don't think so. He's trying to bankrupt us, he's opening the borders to let millions in while we're not allowed out. Those camps are for them but their contracts are for two years and it said they will use them for other mysterious purposes. Reeducation camps, my guess is that they will be for "racists" aka conservatives

Small Town Girl TommyGnosis ⋅ 5 days ago

That would be my guess too.

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