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  • Nov. 16, 2020, 7:36 a.m.
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The government site for my province is telling a different story than the news and government leaders, as per usual. Recognizing this makes me appear schizophrenic to everyone else. To them, I live in my own alt-right conspiracy fantasy land. I’m starting to get frustrated with people who refuse to try and understand me. The news is not representing reality. It’s not cute or funny anymore that we have people waiting for the news to confirm a fact for them. We only have 34 people in my entire province in the ICU for COVID, not one person is on a ventilator. Everybody believes that we are in the middle of a plague because of the news. The health officer in Ontario explained in July that if we start mass testing for COVID it will complicate the picture as half of those will be a false positive. Now here we are mass testing. This is a casedemic. It is the case count that we use to justify these COVID-1984 responses. The politics revolving around COVID do not match the data.

So what is going on? You’ll never understand until you first learn that they are lying. Once you red pill and realize that the people who are supposed to be telling you the truth are lying to you then you will start to see the big picture. At least, you will start to understand that a bigger picture exists. How far down the rabbit hole one wants to go is up to them. This willful ignorance is starting to become a problem. I didn’t realize how ostracized I was going to be for speaking up. You’re ignorant, educate yourself. That’s not what the news tells me to think. You’re such a conspiracy theorist. Stop spreading misinformation, you blasphemer. It’s dogmatic how much they believe in the news. It’s gospel to them. I did find others who are on this same journey to the bottom of the truth. Whatever that might be. The complexities of the world cannot be processed by one mind alone, it requires collective intelligence. What I wish I had were individuals in my life who were willing to exchange ideas instead of demanding that I only represent what they want to think. We are in the middle of a revolution right now and nobody seems to know.

Never let a good crisis go to waste. Here is something going on. Companies in Canada that receive bridge financing have to give the government an ownership stake or provide a cash equivalent. My government is benefiting from this virus, it is benefiting from the crashing economy. Trudeau is quietly trying to take the country as far left as possible. He wants to be in our business and he wants to keep his hands in our pockets. The opposite of Trump. The media in my country is a propaganda machine that makes Trudeau look like a saint regardless of how corrupt he actually is. However, I am starting to see that he is not in control of the narrative. I read the tweets and comments attached to his posts and the majority of the responses are calling him out on his lies. Myself included. Everyone else is living in the news version of reality and praise him like he’s a religious figure. They’re in Plato’s cave. No wonder he keeps saying that Canada has too many alt-right conspiracy theorists. This is why he wants to control the information that we see and talk about. We’re not communist Chinada, yet but he is trying to make us acquiesce our freedom of expression to protect us from conspiracies and hate speech. There is a silver lining, however. We have an opportunity right now, at this moment in time, to spot who is fake news and who is an enemy of the people. If they’re calling Biden a president-elect and trying to legitimize it while the votes are not even certified, they’re fake news.

There are two stories being told right now between legacy media and digital media. The wild wild web is where it’s at, in my opinion. That’s why they always present the internet as a problem. Our governments are losing control of their narratives. Legacy media is dying. Again, both big tech and legacy media are pushing the lie that Biden is a president-elect, they even invented a made-up office for it and the silent majority is not buying it. They’re trying so hard to legitimize this lie but every time they tell one lie to their 700K viewers, someone can represent the truth to millions. Big tech knows we don’t believe their fact-checks. Legacy media knows we don’t believe their lies, They’re losing control. They are not arbiters of truth. We are waking up in 2020. The electoral college determines a president-elect, not the media. Trump has a right to due process to explore the irregularities and voter fraud claims and the loud minority does not have to like it. This isn’t a partisan issue anymore, conservatives don’t feel a loss they feel a steal. Our system, all of our systems, is so fractured right now, this is a breaking point. Trump didn’t create a divide, he brought it all up to the surface and it’s all about to be torn apart. It’s all hanging on by a thread. That thread is just one man, Trump. There is no going back to normal. No matter what happens.

Digital media and some independents are following the investigation into this voter fraud allegation and this is a huge scandal that the legacy media and big tech are suppressing. I’m not going to get into it right now but there is one thing that has come to light that has me disturbed. The Dominion Voting System is deeply compromised. It is used in my country also, is our election integrity compromised? We’ll see what comes out of this investigation. Trump’s lawyer called it the Kraken which is exactly what it will be if they can prove that it is being used to steal elections in Australia, Canada and Germany. Germany just had their servers seized so I think that Trump’s lawyers might actually have evidence. We’ll know in December. It will be the biggest scandal in modern history if it is true. We’ll see if it is enough to make people red pill. Should Trump win the election, that blindside might be their wake-up call that they were lied to and mislead… or they’ll just go with whatever CNN says. Probably more Russiagate.

JFK stood up to this subversion and deep state before. They say that this is the speech that got him assassinated. Of course, you’re all free to decide for yourself about anything I say. I just need to say it.

Chaz November 16, 2020

It sucks that recognizing actual reality has to make you feel like you’re some crazy conspiracy theorist.

TommyGnosis Chaz ⋅ November 16, 2020

Just been getting gaslit all day lol

Small Town Girl November 16, 2020

The news here keeps laughing at Trump and his claims. How ridiculous it is. How he's tearing down democracy. It's so maddening. I am a bit worried about how calm Trump has appeared, as in he keeps getting stopped and blocked and will not be able to prove anything. But also reassured in his calmness. He knew this was coming. He must have proof and a plan. I hope. But you are right. More people each day are realizing the news is fake.

TommyGnosis Small Town Girl ⋅ November 16, 2020

He does have a fail safe. Daisy explains it perfectly

Small Town Girl TommyGnosis ⋅ November 16, 2020

Thanks for sharing that. Interesting indeed.

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