I See Smoke in Current Events

  • Nov. 12, 2020, 1:08 p.m.
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There are two different stories being told right now between legacy media and digital media. I think that is causing a lot of anxiety and friction between people. The people who are supposed to be telling us the truth are lying. If you can’t see that then you will never understand where everyone else is coming from. I don’t mean that to sound too condescending, I understand that there are many reasons as to why people don’t watch digital media. What is happening though, they’re dehumanizing non-believers right now. It’s dogmatic the way they believe in the news. If you’re not on board that white supremacy is a problem in the west then you are alt-right or brainwashed. There is going to be a bloodbath. That’s how this ends, I believe. I better be wrong. 72 million Americans disobeyed and gave Trump their vote. The elites do not have the level of control over the narrative as they thought because of digital media. They discovered this in 2016 when all signs pointed to Hillary winning the election but she lost. They overlooked the internet. They’ve been calling the internet a problem ever since. It’s pulling people away from their narrative and causing everyone else to believe “conspiracies” and their reach is too big. To which big government is the solution. Let us control what you see and say for you in the name of social justice. When CNN tells one lie to their 700k viewers, someone online can tell the truth to 10 million subscribers or followers. Big tech censorship can only do so much to help control the narrative. Mind you, they’re all in right now. I think liberals have forgotten how freedom of expression works. They don’t want to exchange ideas. They don’t want unity they want conformity. The elites spent the last four years inadvertently waking people up while trying to take Trump down with fake news. They played all of their cards and made all the fake news that they could and still 72 million people did not obey. They did not believe in the news. They red-pilled. That shook everyone to the core. From the bottom to the top who was anti-Trump.

The language that they’re using right now disturbs me. They’re dehumanizing Trump supporters which may or may not be effective. It’s obviously effective for narcissists, they have a supply but for the moderates, they just might not be paying attention. They’re just living their lives. It doesn’t matter, the elites just need to be able to create a narrative for their faithful because they will have to be extreme in response to this. They’re afraid because they don’t have control of those 72 million minds. That’s just in one country. I don’t know what that response will be but I’ve heard, from legacy media, language such as re-education to learn anti-racism. Leave no survivors, we need to become extreme, make a list of every Trump supporter because they’re all racist. Again, they don’t want unity, they want conformity. We’re all to think the same and digital media is outperforming legacy media and that is a threat to the elites. Calling different narratives conspiracy did not work. Calling contrary information misinformation did not work. Repeating the same buzzwords until it became fundamental beliefs did not work. They will need to show that bad things happen when you don’t believe in God. Conservatives keep finding ways around their barriers and they’re getting loud.

Legacy media right now, they gave themselves the authority to call the election. That is not constitutional and the world was quick to legitimize it even though it is 100% fake. I’m as much a president-elect as Biden, right now. They are campaigning hard to make it look legitimate so they can sell it that Trump is working with Russia to steal it. The real story is not complicated at all, the election is just not over. Votes are still being counted. Trump has the right to due process, he is simply just going through litigation because of irregularities. If it goes somewhere or not it’s just business as usual. This wasn’t the end of the world when Bush did it in the year 2000. He is simply just suing the process and doing recounts. Something may or may not come of it. He is trying to get this to congress where each state gets one vote and 37 of those votes will likely be Republican as a Republican will never get elected again if they don’t because of the far-lefts radical plan to grow a permanent majority. This is nothing extreme, Biden wasn’t going to concede either. It’s not a complicated picture. Legacy media is making it look nefarious. Usually, people oversimplify the world, orange man bad but now they’re complicating the picture and accusing the others of conspiracy while they do it. Business as usual there. What disturbs me is that the UN is denouncing America for their crimes against humanity for not controlling white supremacy. That is China who said that. China who killed 2 million Muslims and who are currently organ harvesting while our leaders ignore it. Not only is Trump a Russian agent according to legacy media, but he is also trying to start a war or something? I can’t keep up with the rehtoric. In my opinion, they’re setting the stage to make it look legitimate should they decide to go to war if Trump wins the election. Politics is just narrative warfare but that was disrupted biggly time in 2016. Trump is a disrupter.

Digital media is telling a different story. They know the news is fake. If the news is fake then through logic and reason we can see that this is a coup d’etat. Legacy media, big tech, established politicians and world leaders are all working together to get Trump out of office. He disrupted their plans, biggly time. He’s a nationalist who is putting his country first. He called the UN leaders out on not doing the same. He denounced their globalist agenda to grow the UN into a socialist government He stood up to China who is nobody’s friend. 72 million stood by him. All over the globe, people stand by him. He’s a beacon of hope for freedom against these global elites. Flawed as he is. The resistance is loud now. Trump started a movement, he exposed the fake news and the corrupt politicians and they need to react to show who is in charge.

Those are the two stories, ish going on. It’s more nuanced than that. I know. The complexities of the world are too much for one intelligence. It has never been explained in tweets or in soundbites at an eighth-grade level. Watching people get fanatical about the news rhetoric is a problem to those who follow digital media and watching people question the news is a problem for those who follow legacy media. That space to exchange ideas is shrinking. I’ve taken a break from interacting with those fanatics. You can replace one with the other and they’ll just say the same things. Everything is just so polarized. I see smoke, the civil war is coming. Hopefully not in the streets but just the culture war. Liberals have established media, academia and Hollywood. Conservatives suck at the culture war but they decided to compete now that they recognize that they’re outperforming digitally. Not this is all just a partisan issue. I’m just observing.

Anyway, here is some disturbing footage I found online yesterday of actual brainwashing. They’re taking away these kids narratives and it is sad. Training them to believe they are victims so culture and legacy media can spoonfeed them confirmation biases, emotional biases and identity biases so they can be emotionally hijacked every election cycle. This is some MK ultra looking stuff and there is only one man who can help us reverse this ideological subversion in the west. At the moment, I can see us getting a Candace Owens ticket in 2024. This isn’t hopeless.


Neogy Titwhistle November 12, 2020

No smoke, just apes throwing shit at each other. Been that way for a few thousand years now. Nothing new to see here!

TommyGnosis Neogy Titwhistle ⋅ November 12, 2020

That's pretty fair lol

Cathy November 14, 2020

It's not about whether Republicans can "ever get elected". It's about whether elections remain fair. If not, we don't have a country (of the people). If the way to a win is voter fraud, politicians don't have to please the majority to win. They just do what they want, regardless of the people, and then cheat their way to a win. If this happens, there will be massive cheating on both sides, as corruption isn't limited to Democrats.

Small Town Girl November 15, 2020

Very well said. I don't understand how more people don't get it.

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