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  • Nov. 7, 2020, 5:58 p.m.
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I agree with Megyn Kelly, I do think that this fight against voter fraud is part of the grieving process for those who supported Trump. I made my peace a few days ago. Voter fraud does exist and as much as I want to believe him and his administration when they say that they have concrete proof I don’t think it will add up to much. These are the same people counting the votes in 2020 that counted the votes in 2016 and they didn’t stop his victory in 2016. I don’t see why that would drastically change in 2020. He does owe it to his supporters to keep fighting and to go through litigation but once that is done he needs to put America first and give them a peaceful transition of power. On his way out he can fix the problems in the voting system. That can be his gift to America. If the election really was stolen that is a tragedy. The will of the people should matter. The constitution and the bill of rights won’t let Biden (Corporate America) do a lot of catastrophic damage to the system. America survived 8 years of Obama/Biden I think it will be okay. The constitution was not designed with the false belief that a woketopia was possible, it was designed so that America could not mess it up too badly and from where things stand right now former bartender AOC won’t be able to get her hands on it to replace it. Americans fought and died to protect that constitution, her disdain for America is a disgrace.

I think what disturbed the Democrats were the minority votes. The “white supremacist” president had a more diverse base than the legacy media portrayed. The left does not own minorities, they walked away from their insanity. We’re individuals. Actually, according to CNN, I’m Something Else lol. They did not fall in line and play the victims in the lefts made-up hero story. The revolution they want can only be internalized. We’re not genders we have genders. We’re not ethnicities we have ethnicities. We’re not sexualities we have sexualities. We are an individual consciousness having a temporary human experience. When you remove who you are and replace it with these identities that you reflect back it’s a brainwash. I wish they could see that they’re emotionally hijacked. They have cognitive biases, identity biases, emotional biases and they’re being spoon-fed them.

That’s 70 million people that do not have faith in the fake news. We are never going to convince the left that the news is fake, we’re just not. Plato’s allegory of the cave. We’ll be the crazy ones to them. Legacy media is not redeemable after this election. Even Fox turned on us. Not that they were perfect but they turned on the people this election. I’m curious to see how the culture war will play out post-Trump. He claims that he will create a TV network, I hope he calls it Covfefe. Put intelligent and brave people on there. Candace Owens, Megyn Kelly, Tucker Carlson. Currently, digital media is competing with legacy media, Steven Crowder had just about the same ratings as CNN when he live-streamed on election night. Conservatives, who couldn’t even have AM radio, are all working together to grow online. Liberals can have their news and their shadows on the wall.

The Trump base is 70 million big in America. It’s bigger globally. He started a movement and that isn’t going away. With our without Trump, the rest of the world is not just going to submit to the ideologies of the radical left. Racism is not baked into the air, Caucasians are not born into white supremacy and inherently evil, there are not 97 genders, chemically castrating little boys and putting little girls on chemical menopause is not progressive, obesity is not a body type it’s a disease and climate change science is not settled etc. The culture war is still going. A disagreement is violent and hate speech, that is where we are at in society. It incites violence to not agree? We need that space to exchange ideas. That’s how we will heal. What AOC is doing is pure evil. Her Spanish Inquisition to disenfranchise those who went against her interests is radical and dangerous. She is a threat to humanity. Support Biden, hate Trump but dehumanizing others is dangerous. Neo-Marxism is dangerous. Man, when the world needed Jordan Peterson the most he was nowhere to be seen.

There are good people on the left, genuine liberals who believe in speech and all that good stuff. Some of the leftists, however, need to see that they are brainwashed. I wish they could be saved. Johnathan Van Ness, he is a majestic human being but his meltdown about Trump supporters being white supremacists was menacing. I used to have that groupthink. It was small, limited thinking. If your knowledge limits your imagination it is indoctrination. It’s easy to map their opinions down to the rhetoric in legacy media. It’s like blasphemy to hear another viewpoint. That is not healthy. We should all have the capacity to change our minds, to put aside a perspective to look at another. Trump supporters are dehumanized and if you hear it enough times in the news you will begin to dogmatically believe what they’re saying. If you don’t believe in God bad things happen. If you don’t believe in the news bad things happen. I’ll explain that better another day.

I finally finished the first part of The War on Sensemaking series. It took all year, I had to train my focus. Daniel Schmachtenberger does not believe in making things simpler so he does not dumb things down to the 8th-grade level that I’m used to lol. I’m used to being radically distracted so it was hard to keep up. I’m trying to figure out where we are going wrong with our sensemaking. We’re making more and more consequential choices with worse and worse sensemaking. Myself included. I had so many limiting beliefs that came through culture and I am trying to map out how that happened so I can add value to others when I get into wellness coaching. Anyway, I am going to go try and read the Gita or start the second part of the Sensemaking series for the rest of the day.

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Small Town Girl November 07, 2020

Saw you on the front page. This is so well written.
I don't know how they think they don't have enough to prove voter fraud. All the videos and witness accounts? Apparently that is not enough. I am so afraid for this country. Evil has just prevailed over our election.

TommyGnosis Small Town Girl ⋅ November 07, 2020

Thanks for the compliment. Internet conservatives are working hard right now and finding every single irregularity but I don't know how many votes Trump will manage to delegitimize. Time will tell, his chances are infinitesimal but not impossible. The only thing about this outcome that worries me is former bartender AOC and her unhinged reaction to round-up Trump supporters and forbid them from having wealth and employment.

Small Town Girl TommyGnosis ⋅ November 07, 2020

The far left is absolutely whacko. Wish they could see their own. Hypocrisy.

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