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  • Nov. 6, 2020, 11:01 a.m.
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My province went to code red and that made my situation real enough for my sister’s husband to decide to let me stay. They’re in their own little bubble where nothing in the world is happening to them. This pandemic did not affect their lives. I loaded my storage locker and they got to set up the basement to be their entertainment room. They moved their sectional into the basement, mounted their TV and brought all the kids toys down. I have no space in the house, it’s menacing but I am still grateful. I felt shell shocked the last few days which has been hard to push through as I can’t have time & space to myself. They storm into the basement where I sleep at six in the morning and the kids crawl on me, they blast the TV but it’s better than having nowhere to sleep so I refuse to act sulky. Even though I am feeling sulky. I don’t know how fast I can get out of here without Toni who left me shafted. She hasn’t even reached out to me, not that the world owes me anything.

I’m back to throwing resumes around. Maybe I won’t oversell myself in the next interview? On Halloween, we had arctic winds and then it went to +15c for most of the week. Bruce and I continue our walks. She’s shrinking fast. I like being around that victor energy. Nobody is panic shopping, I can’t tell if we’re desensitized and perfectly groomed for communist law or if everybody went and looked at the facts and saw how intimidating this isn’t? It’s shady that the established media and my Prime Sinister are denying that we have isolation camps as Trudeau goes and then tweets that he is working with my premiere to get the isolation camps operational because of our spike. First of all, the isolation camps don’t look intimidating at all. It’s caged in, that’s the only intimidating part. The rest of it has a trailer park vibe. My province is the first to open them, I believe. What an honour. The non-partisan health official in Ontario explained that we will get a minimum of 50% false positives if we test in areas that don’t have much COVID. Well, that was us. We still don’t know who the camps are for. Trudeau is ambitious and wants to let 30 million immigrants in. The timing could not be worse. He’s deliberately crashing the economy to fight the invisible enemies, weather and inequality. Communist manifesto much? He also said that he wants to let Hong-Kong refugees in. I have a healthy distrust of the CCP and a healthy level of feeling disturbed by my Prime Sinister’s open admiration for China’s “basic dictatorship” and his relationship with them. Respect China’s social fabric he says. The timing is awful and I don’t trust that the CCP won’t sneak in sleeper cells lol. As much as I would love to save the citizens of Hong-Kong from the CCP I don’t trust my PM’s motives. Why ignore the crimes against humanity in China and then suddenly try and “save” the Chinese?

My eating habits have not been so good. I did a grocery shop to help fix that. My walks with Bruce have been my only form of exercise for almost two weeks now. I’m constantly surrounded. Gyms are hard to get into because the super masks aren’t working and we had to go into a code red. Polyester was supposed to be our saving grace. Our health minister is now recommending that we wear four layers of masks. She also recommended that we wear them while we have sex. She has to go.

Candace Owens hired the lawyer who took on Tobacco companies and won, the lawyer who won the case for Nick Sandman and she is suing the fact-checkers and Zuckerberg. She had an established doctor talk with her about COVID and Facebook fact-checked it with another established doctor who talked about COVID and they made the decision that their doctor was better. Liberals would care if it was their voices being silenced. These fact-checks are garbage. Facebook is clearly partisan, they just need to be honest about it. More often than not I see things get fact-checked with opinion pieces. Opinions are facts now? They are fact-checking people’s experiences, their opinions and their feelings. We did not just set our clocks back to 1984. Like, I don’t like seeing libtards talk about how obesity is healthy but they have the right to be wrong, not that they get fact-checked for that one. We’ll get locked out for hate speech if you try and exchange ideas with them. Thanks, Linda Bacon, now millions will not treat their disease. What an Orwellian nightmare, Candace is fighting for everyone to be allowed to have free speech. Of course, she has the wrong politics and the narcissists have dehumanized her and will hate everything she does. Speaking of narcissists. They’re really showing their teeth and double standards but I am just ignoring them for now. There is nothing to gain from talking with them. They have plenty to gain, they love their supply. Blah, ok. Better get on with my day.

gattaca November 06, 2020

She also recommended that we wear them while we have sex. She has to go.
She did not explicitly say where you had to wear them. ;-)

TommyGnosis gattaca ⋅ November 06, 2020

Omg bahahaha

Chaz November 06, 2020

The idea of fact checking isn’t bad, but it’s not fact checking - it’s censorship. They pick what they want to “fact check” and then hide the entire image with a logo that says it was fact checked. No one should want things to be censored even if it goes against your ideology.

TommyGnosis Chaz ⋅ November 06, 2020

I still don’t like the idea of fact checking, what qualifies someone to be the arbiter of truth? My PM is trying to regulate our speech by dictating what information we can look at. We are rejecting his Orwellian nightmare

Chaz TommyGnosis ⋅ November 06, 2020

I personally agree with you, but if a social media outlet decides they want to implement a fact checking program on their product - they have the right to do that. It does however become an issue when they are able to use their “fact checker” to censor anything that conflicts with their bias and influence a presidential election. Lefties don’t seem to mind right now though because it’s in their favor.

permanent daylight November 06, 2020

I saw that bit about the health minister and the masks, I lol'd. Sort of like in California, they recommend people at restaurants put their mask back on between bites. Really? Some people have just gone around the bend on this.

TommyGnosis permanent daylight ⋅ November 06, 2020

Oh yes I agree lol

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